Will You Create Your Muvi Profile?

Will You Be Excited to Create a Muvi Profile?

Watching movies is no more fun! Along with the big amount that you have to shell out for tickets at multiplexes, the quality of movies has also gone down. And if you have a family then you can just imagine. Not to say that critics make it easy as you really can’t trust their biased reviews. Muvi.com comes as a life saver and we did cover their story some time back. The way Muvi.com collects reviews from critics and fans with the help of social media is quite cool. Anshuman Das, Founder of Muvi.com had recently shared a new feature called the Muvi Profile. The feature is yet to be launched so we thought of trying it out and sharing our thoughts on it.

What is it?

In the coming days, fans of Muvi.com will be able to create Muvi Profile or a Filmy Profile. The profile will not only portray your movie taste but will drive like-minded folks towards you. Presently in a trial state so Anshuman shared his account for me to have a look around.

So if you create a Muvi Profile then it will have set of features.  The first thing that you will witness is a live feed that will show your activities as you can see in the below screen shot.

Activity Feed


The profile will also have sections such as movies that you have liked and also movies that you haven’t liked.

User Like And Dislike Section


With this your profile will have a list of celebrities that you follow or are a fan on Muvi.com and also the list of upcoming movies that you plan to see in future.

Celebs and Movies Want to See Section


Finally, a section where you can share reviews about movies with your community.

My Reviews


What will be the benefits?

Speaking to Anshuman last night over Skype, he shared that he wants Muvi.com to be the “Facebook of Movies.”

The new feature that is going to be introduced is exciting and Anshuman added his thoughts on it too.


“As Indians we love movies and we are quite excited about Bollywood. Apart from that we also love to share our views and get into discussion on how a movie was entertaining or what made one cry in the movie. So features such as what movies you liked and what you have disliked is a great one. Even Facebook doesn’t allow you to share what you don’t like.  We have also kept the Muvi Profile by default accessible to all users. The idea is to get all likeminded people and not to control them.”


Indeed we all love to boast and share about movies and Bollywood. However, there are some areas that Ashuman and his team needs to look at to enhance the feature.


1.  The UI part of this Movie Profile page needs to be more compact and easy to access. Right now, I have to scroll a lot to see my complete page so it would be great if features such as Liked, Did Not Like, Want To See, etc. become tickers or side bars. This will make the main page compact and give more space for feeds and Reviews.

2. Reviews is the place of real interaction so sharing of reviews on other social networks should be allowed. For example, I post a review on my Muvi profile which I should also be able to share with my friends present in other social networks.

3. How about also listing things such as Movies one may like, Celebs you may want to follow, Friends you want to add, etc. depending on user preferences. These features will excite users to use them.

4. Finally, incentives such as free movie tickets, celeb merchandise will add great value. Yes there is a cost involved but if Muvi.com can get such offers on board then nothing like it.


Will you create your profile on Muvi.com or do you think that it isn’t exciting? However if you wish to create a profile, then enroll here for the new feature.