Will Facebook Ads On Mobile Be Effective?

An article on how effective would be Facebook Sponsored Ads specifically for mobile devices

facebook mobile ads
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Post the IPO, we have all witnessed Facebook focusing majorly on mobile to strengthen its mobile strategy. In the past, Facebook mobile has always kept Facebook in the back seat. Besides that it has also struggled to generate revenue from mobile, as expressed by Mark Zuckerberg during the IPO. However that doesn’t mean that Mark’s team has given up. According to a latest article from Mashable.com, Facebook will now allow Marketers to purchase Facebook Sponsored Stories specifically for mobile devices. In other words, Facebook has provided the flexibility to marketers in terms of where they would like their ads to appear - desktop or mobile or both. The five options that Facebook has provided to its marketers now are as follows:

1. All placements: This allows you to show your ad in the news feed of desktop, right hand side of desktop and news feed of mobile.

2. All desktop placements: This allows you to show in the news feed of desktop and right hand side of desktop.

3. News feed desktop and mobile placements: This allows you to show your ad in the desktop and mobile news feed only.

4. News feed desktop placement: This allows you to show your ad in the news feed of desktop only.

5. News feed mobile placement: This allows you to show your ad in the news feed of mobile only.

Will it be effective?

This latest announcement by Facebook is definitely good news for itself and the marketers. By giving customized options for advertising, Facebook has not only increased it’s revenue stream which was $1.5 billion in 2010 but has also given more ways for brands to engage with it’s customers. Brands have always complained about their content not being able to reach out to its entire community. Features like this will definitely give a boost to the Facebook marketing. Besides this, we were recently told by Simply Zesty that Facebook is changing the way “Like” appears for a brand page on mobile.

However the success of this move depends majorly on two factors:

  • Will there be any change in the frequency of mobile Facebook ads in the news feed?
  • How effectively the ads would be designed by brands without killing the user experience.

500M people access Facebook from their mobile devices and I am sure Facebook would not like to annoy them by inserting too many ads in the mobile news feed. Besides, the onus also lies on the brands in how effectively can they use it.

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Facebook which has been recently criticized for it’s greed towards ad revenue, has a tough ask before itself. Stories like the GM pulling it’s ads from Facebook platform have done more harm even if GM should be blamed for it to an extent. However for now it looks like a lucrative deal for marketers but will it be at the cost of user experience is something we will have to wait and watch.

Are you addicted to Facebook via mobile and do you think mobile Facebook ads could kill that addiction in the near future?