Why The Facebook IPO Is Good News For The Social Media Industry In India

An article about why the Facebook IPO is good news for social media industry in India


First of all, congratulations if you are a social media marketer in India. Facebook IPO just made your life easier!

Why? Well, how about the fact that Facebook IPO will be the largest tech IPO in the history and its “shock-waves” will be felt throughout the industry!

In the present day scenario, when the west has already accepted social media as a “mainstream media” and India is on the path of finding an answer for the same, Facebook IPO comes as a booster. In the sense that it’s “THE ANSWER” to anyone who ever thought social media would just be a fad. Sorry mate, you were wrong!

As businesses in India are on the path of understanding relationship marketing and the importance of increased brand awareness, interaction with consumer community, engagement, online customer care and a possibility of better transparency, the doubt still haunts their mind as to the credibility of this medium.  For such people, Hoot Suite CEO Ryan Holmes has provided the apt answer –

“I think [the IPO is] a huge stamp of approval. It validates the space in a big way. I think social business is going to be really heavily embraced now. The conversation around, ‘Is Twitter, is Facebook here to stay?’ is now over. We now know this is an amazing business model and not just a fad.

As to its effect in India, Facebook’s IPO will help increase and generate a lot of awareness regarding the practicality of this medium as a means of marketing. Here, when lot many businesses are still skeptical about stepping into Social Media Marketing, this IPO, with a share price of about $38 and expected to raise about $12.8 bllion, is sure to ring a bell in the heads of many. This will surely help confirm the credibility of social media as an important means of marketing for businesses. Especially for SME’s who don’t have umpteen number of zeroes in their marketing budget.

Facebook IPO

While the Facebook IPO will bring even more confidence to social media start-up investment, only when organizations can connect their customer experience efforts on social with their existing marketing strategy, customer service and technical support platforms, will they see the true potential. And though, just the fact of knowing that a social networking website has raised billions in IPO is enough to prove to them the credibility of social media, it remains to the businesses to understand how exactly do they expect to utilize this opportunity.

Slider image courtesy: capseo.com

P.S. The article has been edited to reflect the correct amount of capital being raised by Facebook.