Why Should You Have A Blog?

A session topic discussed at Wikipaisa, a conference for financial planners.

P V Subramanyam
P V Subramanyam

I know it is such an old question and similar to the stories of social media gurus who keep on sharing at conferences about the same Dell’s disaster on social media, the now infamous Dell-Hell. But parking the debate aside for a while, “Why should you have a Blog” was a question put across by P V Subramanyam to a room full of Financial Planners at a workshop organized by WikiPaisa. You shouldn’t be surprised that most of them hoped it will generate more leads and in return get more money home. I think this thought would be well echoed by most of the brands and people who intend to be on social media or have opened a Blog.

P V Subramanyam, a well known blogger himself was blunt in expressing the truth and said that if you guys are thinking that writing a Blog will generate money then please stop writing, as you are fooling yourself. He added that it is just like one another phone number that you have got and you want to display on your business card. That’s it! Nothing more than that. It is a new medium and if you are present on it then it is good for you and even if you are not there, nothing is going to change.

Now many would debate after reading this line that having a Blog is a must and it is great for a business. But then people or businesses who believe that it will get them money are really believing in a myth. I echo the same thoughts that were expressed by P V Subramanyam. I have believed that having a Blog is good to have but then it all depends on the business. It is always better not to have rather than having one and giving a guest appearance once in a month. So adding that Blog link on your business card really is cool but then it requires a lot of effort and patience.

Manish Chauhan
Manish Chauhan

A thought that was well expressed by Manish Chauhan, the Chief Blogger at JagoInvestor who was the next speaker of the event. Manish did agree to the fact that having a Blog will not lead to generate money to your bank accounts. However he was quick to say that having a Blog also gives a way to build a community, provide them genuine help and that will lead to get you profits via your trusted company. However it is a long process and requires lot of hard work rather than mere opening and posting random content won’t help the purpose. Along with this Manish also shared the common myths of Blogging and one of my favorite myth was that people think that too much traffic is quite good for your Blog. Good traffic is required but that doesn’t mean they are your quality traffic.

I have been a Blogger for some time now and I have learnt two important things:

1.It is not a one-day or one month job, it takes more than a year to form a community.

2. You will have to give your readers more than the usual content if you want them to spend their valuable time on your Blog.

Otherwise as said by P V Subramanyam, people are reading my Blog today because they find the viewpoint interesting. tomorrow if I stop writing then people might enquire for a day and the next day they will find another alternative and life will move on.

Hope you are not living with the same myth – Blogging will get you cash flows easily!