Why Should SME’s Reach To SociaAppsHQ

Why Should SME’s Reach To SociaAppsHQ

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Efficient and good apps boost your engagement on any social media network. If that is true then there is one more fact that we are also aware of. Endless new apps are launched every day, of which some are free and rest are paid. This also means more problems for a community manager of a brand. Rajat Garg identified this problem and came up with a solution in the form of SocialAppsHQ.

SocialAppsHQ is an app warehouse that provides one-stop solution for businesses that are creating their community on Facebook and Twitter. SocialAppsHQ has powered 519,687 Facebook brand pages till date and the list includes some real heavy weight brands such as RedBus, Paul Walker, Liberty Shoes, etc. Founded in 2011, SocialAppHQ has 19 apps in its suite and the latest edition is “My Restaurant“.


Why SME’s should reach out to SociaAppsHQ

  • One stop place for all your app requirements for your Facebook and Twitter page. Check out the impressive range of apps that it has in the Products section.  Once you log in, each app has a video demo so that you are aware what you are purchasing.
  • With a wide variety of apps, SociaAppsHQ is building customized apps for specific industry. Recently they created a customised app for restaurant owners.
  • Easy customization and support of the desired app for your brand page.
  • It is not free but the price’s are not exorbitant. With different packages, the plan looks affordable.  SocialAppsHQ also has special discounts for non-profits.
  • Finally, if you head your own social media activity then integrating with SocialAppsHQ will eliminate the option of going to a Social Media agency. In a way this is going to reduce your costs in the long run.

SociaAppsHQ is a definite try for all SME and startups that are looking for quality apps to boost their social media engagement. If you are not sure if they have solutions for your business, then do browse the resource center which could be helpful. Last but not the least, the content is still the king so as a Community Manager, apps can only help you keep a balance.