The festival of lights Diwali has already started for most of India. Social media feeds are jammed with Diwali wishes, Twitter trends are dominated by Diwali wishes and brands trying to cash in from the festive mood. While the festival mood is on, #RameshJadhav trending at the top of Twitter trends came as a surprise.

After screening the first few tweets the excitement of finding some funny or interesting news died. Ramesh Jadhav is a young Shiv Sena leader from Malad who was stabbed to death with sharp weapons in his own home, allegedly after he protested and spoke up against four goons who would regularly molest women in the area.

According to the police, the incident occurred yesterday around 6 pm when Jadhav was alone at home. The four accused forcibly entered Jadhav’s house and attacked him with sharp weapons. All the four are now on a run after the incident.

Ramesh who was a resident of Gangaram Chawl at Kot Dongri, Malad (East) used to resist and act against the accused, who allegedly molested the women in the area.

The recent killing reminds of the chilling murder of Keenan Santos and Reuben Fernandes who were stabbed by a group of men after they objected to the indecent behavior of one of the men toward their female friends. While justice is yet to be served for the case, the recent killing has once again angered the social media audience.

The below curated tweets are the ones that are making the buzz in the hashtag:

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