Why Are You Scared Of Blogging?

Why Are You Scared Of Blogging? Second article in the blogging series for startups, SME's, etc.

Every day my work gives me an opportunity to interact with a lot of people who are either believers of social media or are not aware of the power of social media but have heard about Facebook. Recently, I had a lengthy chat with few SME’s and brands that asked for my help in formulating social media strategies. Interestingly, there were two common traits that I observed:

  • Enthusiasm for Social Media.
  • And the fondness to networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

I see this as a positive sign but at the same time I am surprised that no body was aware of blogging and if they were then they were quite skeptic to include it into the plan. I would say this is just not the case with SME’s but it applies to bigger brands too. In our day-to-day work, we have come across very few large Indian brands that vouch for blogging or have a regular and healthy blog.  But then the big question that pops out here is what are you scared of?

Scared Sackboy

1. I am not a writer:

This is the first fear that I have always come across. People don’t want to blog just because they think that only writers and journalists have the right to do so. In the social media age, every one is a content generator and I think one should be ready to share in a readable form. If you are not comfortable with English then you can always blog in your local language. The question that one should ask is – are you ready to share stories about your brand or product to your target customers. If yes, then it hardly matters if you are not a writer; you do email, right?

2. I don’t have time:

I don’t have time to blog is the most common reason that I have come across. I had a conversation with a finance consultant who wanted to blog but lack of time was stopping him. Isn’t that a little strange that you don’t have time for your own work. If you want to do something and if you are hell bound to make it happen then you will surely make time for it. Perhaps, on week one you will struggle to find time and not be able to generate 5 or 6 articles but with time you will find ‘a suitable time’ to blog regularly. What matters is being consistent along with maintaining quality.

3. I don’t know what to write daily:

This is another concern that is quite frequently raised to which my answer would be that the solution lies with you. You would generally blog about your product or service, the market and the ecosystem that it is catering to, etc. Small problems and small stories could take the form of a blog post. Doesn’t matter if it is a 300 words or 1000 words article, what matters is that what benefit are you providing to your readers. So if you are not sure then write down the basic things and try to turn into a post.

For instance, a doctor recently told me that he wants to blog but he is not aware what should he be writing daily. I suggested him to share the interesting cases that he came across daily. Share your thoughts and ideas, suggest people what to do in such scenarios, etc. So planning of your content is a must and keep that content sheet with you always in any form of media so that you can update as and when you get ideas. Believe me, the more you write and the more you read you will definitely get ideas.

4. Will people read?

‘Have you started writing?’ is my question to all those SME’s who think that they may not get many readers for their blog. I think you will have to do it first to know what it feels like. So stop thinking whether someone will read or nobody is commenting on my blog or liking my posts, etc. Initially, nobody used to read or comment on my blog. Now after a period, when my readers have seen the content and the effort, they have started appreciating the blog. Before wondering if your blog will be read, you should first think about producing rich content that is helpful to your readers.

5. I am scared of people’s reaction:

If you are a blogger then you can’t play safe. You need to have an opinion – a voice of your own. You will have to take a stand and blog freely and readers will react, as that’s what they are for. But believe me, it is these very reactions that will help you understand what your readers want. So stop being petrified and start blogging and with time the reactions will get amusing.

6. It is a very long process:

There are no shortcuts in blogging and have no doubt about it. If you want quick returns without much effort then I think you should forget about blogging. Despite being a long process, the returns on a blog are long lasting and we have seen why. The intention should be of producing quality content regularly and then sharing it with the world and with time results or leads will surely flow your way. For a blog to be recognized by readers and the search engines, it will take at least 6 months to a year, speaking realistically.

What else keeps you from blogging? Do you have an issue other than these and I will try to address it the best I can.