Who Are You Inviting For The #FostersHomeParty

#fostershomeparty the twitter campaign of @FostersAOC. Did you try your luck?

Do you want to learn how to spice up the art of chilling then Fosters knows it well. Obviously nothing can be more chilling than a lovely sip of beer and Fosters as a brand has taken the simple joys of having fun and is engaging with you and your friends on Social Media. Fosters which is already celebrating the Art of Chilling on it’s Facebook Page has started another initiative along with it on Twitter called #FostersHomeParty.

The contest, which ran yesterday, was silly and simple but it made sure that every one was talking about it at least on my timeline and still trending in India.


Fosters with it’s #FostersHomeParty hash tag on Twitter asked it’s followers to name two people whom they would have liked to call up for a party at their home. The twist was that you could win free t-shirts only if you make people smile with your replies and within no time junta on Twitter jumped in. In no time, #FostersHomeParty was trending on my timeline with some great ROFL tweets:


#FostersHomeParty was a small campaign starting on the first day of the week but it made sure that it got enough eyeballs. According to HashTracking.com in the last 24 hours 429 tweets were generated which created 327,923 impressions reaching an audience of 61,650 followers.

#FostersHomeParty Stats

The contest was not a major one but a small beginning and I am sure that after such a great response, Fosters will continue this in the coming days. Using Twitter as the medium of conversation was the right choice and along with that the Twitter team at Fosters was quite active on posting content on the Twitter timeline and also starting smart conversations with the followers too. A smart move to light the initial fires for the #FostersHomeParty campaign.

Twitter is a great tool for marketing for brands and I strongly believe in it. We have seen this in the past and @FostersAOC knows the art very well. I am sure that there would be some more cool contests in the coming days and I am keeping a close eye to try my luck. How about you?