When Zomato Roasted AIB Co-Founder On Twitter

Tanmay Bhat of AIB fame posted a cheeky tweet about Zomato's new logo, and Zomato won hearts with its witty reply

Indian brands also have a funny bone. After the Flipkart-Amazon India banter on Twitter, Zomato - the fastest way to search for great places to eat around - is now firing funny shots on Twitter.

The entire drama started with Tanmay Bhat poking fun at  Zomato’s new logo. Tanmay Bhat, the funny man and the co-founder of AIB which was recently in the news for its Roast video felt that the new logo looked like a sperm.

The tweet posted 18 hours ago has fetched more than 200 retweets:

When a Twitter influencer shares such a tweet to his 464K followers, obviously it calls for more eyeballs. Other Twitter users who have been quite bored with the same old jokes on Rahul Gandhi joined in to have some more fun over the Zomato logo.

Much to everyone’s surprise, Zomato joined in the party with its own repartee.

Gaining 169 retweets as of now, the Zomato tweet hit the right chords and our funny man Tanmay didn’t feel bad with censor board coming into picture. In fact it was the censor board and moral policing of the state that had forced AIB to pull down its Roast video and ask for an apology.

With its reply Zomato made sure to earn some kudos on Twitter:

In fact it even got Tanmay tweeting the significance of the new logo from Zomato. Now that’s a brand win, isn’t it?

It’s impressive to see brands having funny conversations on Twitter and not staying away fearing backlash.