When Allen Solly Said Sorry On Twitter

Allen Solly said sorry on Twitter with a brilliant dash of humour, when an influencer tweeted a typo on a store display in Bangalore, here we look at the tweet engagement rate and branding

Content on Twitter moves at a very fast pace, but that does not mean you can ignore even a single tweet. The power of a single tweet made within those 140 characters, can either make or break a brand, be it an individual or a company. Here we take a look at why a leading premium apparel brand said sorry on Twitter, and won the branding game on the buzzing social network.

Allen Solly is synonymous with Friday Dressing, a new concept that it introduced in menswear. Breaking the norm of business dressing in greys and whites, the brand’s vibrant shades in formal wear have defined a whole new generation of young, distinctly stylish working professionals in the country.

One of the most trendy brands from the house of Madura Fashion & Lifestyle, Allen Solly’s social media presence is also reflective of its young persona. The brand is a habitual sharer of style tips for men as well as women. But, it wasn’t ready for this, and specially while introducing the new face of Fridays at a mall in Bangalore.

This Sunday, B G Mahesh, Founder & Managing Director at Oneindia.in and Greynium Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd., while on a stroll at the Garuda mall in Bangalore, stumbled upon a typo on a store display of the brand. He tweeted about it with a photograph of the same, while tagging the Allen Solly Twitter handle.

With over 10.5k followers on Twitter, the tweet found 11 retweets and 4 favourites. Everybody likes to point at a spelling error!

In response, Allen Solly thanked him for bringing this up and then followed up with this pert reply, and a promise to swing into corrective action.

This left BG Mahesh and others quite impressed. Influential folks on Twitter including the brand guy, Anant Rangaswami, Editor at StoryBoard on CNBC TV18, lauded the efforts of the brand on social media. From among the ones impressed was Arvinder Gujral, the Lead at Twitter India and SE Asia BD, who tweeted that he would be adding this to his deck. Which basically means that Twitter will showcase this as a case study.

Quantitatively, the response tweet met with a tweet engagement rate of 13.3%, with 41 retweets and 18 favourites. Here’s a graph depicting key metrics and impressions made by the tweet in the first 24 hours.

Allen solly tweet engagement

While it could have let it go with the first response and then tweeted a picture of the corrected display, Allen Solly resorted to some fun humour.