The 15 Funniest Tweets From #WhatViratDid When He Typed ‘Wrogn’

A curated list of 15 tweets from #WhatViratDid when Virat Kohli made a series of typo tweets today

UPDATE: We suspected it right! Virat was so ‘wrogn’ on Twitter for the launch of his brand ‘Wrogn’ on Twitter. Wrogn is Virat’s breakaway youth fashion brand launched rather uniquely.

Social media is a double edged sword specially for brands and celebrities. While a celebrity selfie can get a 1000 plus retweets, a simple typo can get the same celebrity to be the talk of the town for the wrong reasons. And to add to it – Twitter comedians are always on the look out for such incidents to lighten up their day and set Twitter on a fun riot.

Right now this is the case with star Indian cricketer Virat Kohli. High on the success of his recent India-Srilanka win, Virat might be breaking is head for his tweets. But five tweets all in a day with a rational time gap? It looks like a deliberate typo to me. If this is a cheeky way to get people talking and later reveal a new brand – probably named ‘Wrogn’ – for which he is the new face, then it is a brilliant pre-campaign buzz by the brand. But, we don’t know that yet!

Here is what Virat shared on Twitter today, was that a hangover effect?!

Virat_Kohli_Twitter_#whathaveidone Β  It does look like a planned digital PR push but what the heck? Those tweets have given an adrenalin rush to the Twitter comedians who were pretty much bored with the same old hashtags.

While we figure out what is the new brand the cricketer has endorsed, here is a list of funny tweets fromΒ #WhatViratDid: