WhatsApp: 500 Million Active Global Users, 48 Million Active India Users

Whatsapp now has 48 million active users in India and 500 million active users in the globe.


WhatsApp is growing and India plays a big role, stated CEO Jan Koum once again in a recent interview with re/code. Earlier in his company’s blog Jan wrote that WhatsApp is now 500,000,000 strong.

“Thanks to all of you, half a billion people around the world are now regular, active WhatsApp users. Our users are also sharing more than 700 million photos and 100 million videos every single day,” shared Jan.

He said that countries like Brazil, India, Mexico, and Russia are the fastest growing markets for the messaging app which was acquired by Facebook earlier in the year for a whopping $19 billion. He added that WhatsApp now has 48 million active users in India alone, its largest single country. Jan noted that this number is about half the number of Facebook’s active users in India.

In the month of February, WhatsApp had revealed that it has 40 million active users in India. On an average, the app has been adding 5 million active users every month so one can hope that by end of 2014 the app witnesses a billion users from India itself.

In fact during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Jan had stated in an interview that, “India is important… we want all smartphone users (in India) to be on WhatsApp. Then if that number is a billion, then it’s a billion. Currently, (it’s) over 40 million. So we still have some way to go before we hit a billion.”

While WhatsApp has been the leader in the country in terms of user adoption, the messaging apps space in India has turned quite competitive with Line, WeChat, Viber and Hike trying to grab the number two space in India.

Image credit: Twitter