What’s Your UP Facebook Contest By 7UP

A review of the What's Your UP Facebook Contest By 7UP

Remember the ‘Dil Bole I Feel UP’ TVC by 7UP starring brand ambassador Sharman Joshi and a penguin? Well, they are running a cool contest on Facebook called ‘What’s your UP?‘ All you have to do is dance to the 7UP  I Feel UP Anthem, record it and upload your video. And you can win anything from USB drives to a grand prize of the gaming console Xbox. Now isn’t that simple?

7UP I Feel UP Facebook contest

The ‘Participate now’ button takes you to an app – Here you have the option to record (need a webcam on you) or upload an existing video of max size 7 MB.. You can also watch the videos that are already up there along with the number of votes they have received. For more information do check the Terms & Conditions in the app itself. The contest is being promoted on the wall and as expected has been liked and well commented upon. As the Facebook campaign is part of a 360 degree communication to position the brand as a fun and mood uplifting one, going by the videos that have been uploaded, I can easily say that yes, I Feel UP! (though the phrase has a suggestive undertone).

7UP Whats your UP contest app

As to how is the contest in terms of execution and design, I am giving it full marks for not violating the Facebook app guidelines. The app did give me an option to deselect features that I am not comfortable with. It does not host the contest on the wall, like I said it has an app to do that. But I’m not happy with the app design:

  • After I upload a video, it simply adds it to the collection, so if I want to watch my own video, I have to scroll the whole list. They could have created a space for ‘my videos’ since multiple entries are allowed.
  • Secondly, there was no option to share with my friends in the app itself. So who will vote for me?
  • Also, it would have been cool had they put an option to watch videos that were among the top highly voted ones. That would have surely saved me a lot of navigation time.

Re-positioning ‘UPtimistic’?

In January, the brand had re-positioned itself as an ‘UPtimistic’ one, focusing on young India’s optimistic outlook, sporting a new logo and the tagline ‘Dil Bole I Feel UP’. As one of a re-positioning exercise, the brand had partnered with The Viewspaper  to host a ‘I feel UP’ tweet-a-thon on Twitter where tweeple could post their views on what made them feel positive in India. The Viewspaper,  a youth newspaper with the tagline ‘the Voice of the Youth’ sent emails to most twitterati to participate in this 72-hour long tweet-a-thon, out of which one was me. I did not participate since the sponsors were not mentioned and most importantly,  the hashtag #ifeelup was plain racy! This kind of promotion disguised under a national fervor, brought much criticism and contempt for the brand. For a detailed story, read this.

So my guess is that the Facebook campaign launched this month, is perhaps an exercise to clean up the mess they got into and bring back the ‘Dile bole I Feel UP’ brand philosophy.  Though it would have been amazing had they offered an apology on the #ifeelup fiasco, but I haven’t been able to find any. As the wise rightly said, “Honesty is the best policy”, it is even more imperative for a brand on social media to be honest in its communication.

Hopefully, this Facebook contest wipes off all past feelings of being cheated by 7UP and brings in the required feeling of fun and ‘mood upliftment’ as per the re-positioning. Looks like it’s already happening - as per a recent news article in the Economic times, Brand Equity has ranked 7UP among the Top 3 youth brands!