#WhatMyParentsThinkIDoAtWork: A Digital Agency Investigates

Digital agency Flying Cursor asked parents what they think about their profession. The answers would leave you smiling

What my parents think i do at work

What does your son/daughter do for a living? A common question that every parent has to face on a regular basis.

Life is really easy for parents to define when their daughter/son is a doctor or engineer or a banker. But times have changed. With internet becoming a necessity in the country, professional choices have changed, one of them being the variety of career choices in the digital and social media space. According to LinkedIn’s 25 hottest skills of 2014 in India - Social Media Marketing, Digital and Online Marketing skills find a comfortable space in the list.

While it may be the coolest thing for today’s generation, life isn’t easy and for that matter to explain to others what their son/daughter do for a living. Besides the moment you say you work in social media, the one question tat pops up - apart from wasting time on Facebook and Twitter, what else do you do for living?

Digging deeper, Flying Cursor - a Mumbai based digital agency ventured out to understand what parent’s really think about their profession. “What our parents think of us. . Do they tell others he/she is search engine optimizer. He works on php. He looks after client servicing. Do they talk of Roi, media planning, remarketing. The answers were funny when we asked what parents think we do in office,” said Parag Gandhi, while revealing the idea behind the video shoot.

Parag, one of the co-founders further shared, “We did not tell any parents what was the shoot about. We just booked their time and landed up and then there was a video.” The video shows the funny and the worried side of parents who are slightly struggling to keep up pace with the internet life.

The 2-minute video has found much appreciation on social media

What is good to see is that most of the parents looked happy even though they might think that their daughter/son is wasting time on Facebook or WhatsApp.