What We learnt About Indian Social Media in 2011

What We learnt From Indian Social Media in 2011

Social Media is About Communtiy

We at Lighthouse Insights started our journey from 1st December 2010 and believe me the excitement to write about the amazing work that is being done in India is gaining momentum by the day. Over the year I have learnt a lot from brands, SMEs, Twitter folks, etc. which has helped me polish my knowledge on how communities are built and nurtured. I also learnt how engagement is done and also how it can be ruined. Now that we are on the verge of saying adios to 2011, which also meant that we too have completed a year, so we thought of sharing our learnings with you.


Content is the Key: Content is king and will always be the king. Doesn’t matter if it is a content of a blog, or a Facebook post or a Twitter update. Content has to connect with people to get them motivated to interact with you on a continuous basis. Kunzum travel café understands this well and it survives on it. Recently we reviewed the Snexy.in campaign, which I personally thought was one of the coolest campaigns of 2011. So if you are an SME and spending loads of time on design and other things, make sure you spend ample amount of time on content strategy.

Kill the Logo: Traditionally a logo was everything and brands didn’t think twice before spending. But times are changing and today it is becoming more and more necessary for people to know who is the face behind the brand. For example during the initial months of Twitter, I had a business Twitter account and a personal one. Managing both was tough and my default business account was not gaining any attraction. The moment I changed the picture from the logo to my image, I saw a growing appreciation and response from people. Since then I have learnt that people love to connect with people behind the brand. For some companies it is not possible but then make sure that you provide the full details of the person who is managing the account. You have to be open and a social brand.

Make Simpler Apps: I reviewed a bunch of Indian apps in 2011 which was really fun.  There has been amazing set of good stuff and at the same time I had to review lot of confusing ones too. We need to understand that apps are going to be used by common folks. So more simpler the app, more the chances that people will use it. Bottom line in having cool techie apps is great but make sure it is tested well and easy to understand by the common folks.

Provide Expereince To Fans

Provide Experience to Fans: Every brand needs to provide an amazing unique experience to fans. When a fan lands on the Facebook fan page, a brand needs to tempt her into longer engagement. For example we saw the user experience provided by the HTSE app, Prestige Smart Kitchen, the ongoing campaign of #beersanta from Doolally, the amazing user experience provided by Volkswagen, etc. So as a social media manager not only do I need to think about how I should increase my fan count but also I need to think how I am going to make her my brand evangelist.

Social Media is Not the End: Social media is just a part of your overall 360-degree marketing campaign. So having a social media strategy won’t be enough, you also need to tie your offline activities with your online activities. Renault India did the same during the F1 fever in India. However for SME’s, social media is the game changer as they don’t have high budgets to cater for a 360 degree marketing campaign. Ecommerce site Shopo based out in Chennai is doing a cool job in this arena and sets a benchmark for other SME’s.

Social Media in India is BIG: Social media in India is big and it has evolved to rub shoulders in the global arena. The latest achievement by MTV India, amazing engagement displayed on the Zoozoo fan page, Facebook plans expansion in India, Google Plus betting heavily on India are relevant indicators that social media is neither insignificant nor a fad anymore.


Learnings never have a full stop and we at Lighthouse Insights believe the same. Hope you had your share of learnings too. We will be glad if you could share them in the comments and since it’s that part of the year where you spend some time with your family, we wish you a very happy New Year and hope you celebrate with your near and dear ones. We will see you all in 2012 and continue doing the same that we did in 2011 - bringing you the best of Indian social media!

Image Courtesy: Gateway Center, SocailMediaToday