What Publishers Should Know About Twitter Curator – A Real Time Search & Display Tool

Twitter has made Curator public to publishers, the tool will let surface the most relevant and popular tweets and Vines around a certain topic


In 2015, the audience is consuming content on social networks and not on publishing portals. In the recently concluded SXSW, BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti echoed the same sentiment by saying that he is no more worried where his content is sitting as long as it is on social media. Of late Facebook invited leading publishers of the world to host content on its platform. Today Twitter has jumped into the race of making publishers happy with its latest tool called Curator.

According to Twitter, Curator was built to allow media publishers to search, filter and curate Twitter content that can then be displayed on web, mobile and TV. Curator enables publishers to create complex keyword and hashtag queries to easily uncover streams of high quality tweets. Queries can be further refined by follower counts, location, languages and more to create collections.

Twitter had unveiled Curator during the News: Rewired Conference in London earlier this year. Until now the product was in beta and being tested by a dozen or so organizations, including the NYC Mayor’s office and Italy’s major network, Mediaset. But starting today, Curator is available for any media organization, request access here.

The product initially being pitched to publishers can also be used during entertainment shows or live TV shows like showing relevant content from a hashtag or pulling out relevant tweets on a giant screen during music concert.

The below screen grab of a stream created within Curator to find March Madness related Tweets and Vines. Users can then curate their favorite Tweets into a collection in the right-hand panel, to later display on web, mobile or TV.

Twitter Curator March Madness

What Twitter is offering right now with Curator isn’t new and the industry has been working with third party apps like Storify, Eventifier, etc. to curate relevant information from Twitter. But the ability to filter the full stream of all the posts taking place on Twitter’s network – in real-time sets it way ahead of its competitors. By using this tool one can find and filter the real time tweets by a range of factors, including keywords, authors (@ handles), location, language, time zone, follower count, number of retweets or favorites, verified users and much more.

Talking to TC, Curator GM Mark Ghuneim informed that Curator is designed to surface the content in real-time, not provide analysis after the fact. He also describes it as more of a “baseline” product, which third parties can extend by offering things like design customization or support on top of Twitter’s free service. “That’s where the opportunities pick up for others,” he said. “We’re there to enable and partner with them.”

For more such advanced integrations, customizations and hands-on support, Twitter wants the publishers to work with Twitter Certified Partners like Flowics, Livefyre, ScribbleLive, Spredfast and Wayin. “Together with our partners, our goal is to make it easy and seamless for publishers to incorporate powerful conversations, interactivity and engagement into their programming.”

As of now Twitter has no intention to integrate premium features or integrate advertising, the idea is to take the tweets out of the networks and spread it in the offline world. An ongoing effort by Twitter to capture more reach, integrate offline and online world and thereby hope to solve its user growth problem.