What Narendra Modi Said To President Putin? Twitter Replies Hilariously

President Putin visits India for 22 hours, trends on Twitter and Twitter comedians have some hilarious reactions to the meeting of Modi and Putin


Russian President Vladimir Putin is in Delhi today to meet the Indian PM Narendra Modi and extend his country’s ties with India. In his very short trip of 22 hours, India’s top defence partner, Russia is trying to increase its investments in the country, as its economy reels under US and EU sanctions over its backing of an uprising in Ukraine and annexation of Crimea.

The day started with Narendra Modi and the PMO busy sharing updates on social media about Putin’s visit and the related developments. In fact the Indian PM has been tweeting in Russian prior to Putin’s visit to India, similar to what he did prior to his Japan visit. Some of his Russian tweets are listed below, we couldn’t make much of it since Twitter isn’t providing a translation feature.

The day which saw Russia’s commitment for building at least 10 nuclear reactors in India, can be summarized in the below tweets. The other major developments between the countries may be found here.

While US, China and Pakistan might be closely following this quick visit of Putin, he has been trending all day on Twitter. The trend which mostly had updates about the day, also saw some hilarious reactions to the day’s visit which is summarized below.

1. First a happy tune for Putin

2. Now let the conversation begin

3. Make in India Putin

3. Obama surfaces in the discussion

4. Beware of Indian super hero #Mufflerman

5. In return PM Modi here are my ageless secrets

6. Damn! you look like Nasser Hussain, No?

7. Okay enough of this now lets play the good bye song

8. And this is what we last heard from our undisclosed sources

While this was just to have a hearty laugh, the short visit is definitely going to open up new doors for both the countries in the coming decade.