What is #NASSCOMPC all about?

Collecting my kit and showing my #NASSCOMPC badge I took a seat in the Aura Hall of Taj, Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore. By 9 A.M. the hall was getting hot, not that the air conditioner was not working but delegates where coming in numbers. A place out of the town attracting Indian’s by nine indicated to me that I am a part of a big event today. Venky Preetham, The Asia Head of KRDS was on the dais and he woke up the crowd with his loud roar. With that he also invited Sharad Sharma, M R Rangaswami and Rajendra S Pawar to kick-start the event.

Sharad Sharma

Sharad Sharma started his welcome note by asking how many of them are below 35 in the crowd and it was a full house response. I was also proud to raise my hand even though I am not a full time entrepreneur. Sharad Sharma pointed to all of the below 35 and said,” you are the future of India which is going to show the world what is innovation.” Sharad also added that in India the ecosystem is getting healthier and one can hope of good times. He spoke about the two present markets one being the ‘Domestic Market’ which is getting hungrier day by day and SMEs are going to play a big role here. This will also happen when SMBs will be ready to adopt information technology.  The second market is the ‘Global Market’ and India is also going to drive it in the future. NASSCOM will be a mentor and monitors that this grows and it is going to happen as NASSCOM is you. It is your conference and you make NASSCOM. Sharad ended the note optimistically and said that we are going to address the market.


Rajendra S Pawar

A thought that I always believed that from the body shopping industry we are proving the world that we are innovation loving country too. Rajendra, the second eminent speaker took from where Sharad left. He discussed the 1990, 2000 and then 2008-2010 period. He was also quick to highlight that the new age of India is sitting in this #NASSCOMPC session. However he emphasized one of the present day challenges is “How do we embrace people to take more risk”. The same question was one of the key discussions of Vinod Khosla later in the day. The answer that Rajendra said was to create a healthy ecosystem of mentoring. Rajendra was confident that this generation has seen the failure of 90’s as teenagers so they will be far better in risk taking. Before he ended, he emphasized on one line “Don’t worry of global trends, create trends here”


M R Rangaswami

Finally MR stood up with a smiling face and said that I have no inhibition to tell that India will create trend and waves as we don’t have one Silicon Valley but it has many. NASSCOM event is to make the eco-system healthier and we are doing right here with 1400 people, lot of speakers, motivational gurus, etc. all under one roof for you. So make sure you engage and network well to make the most out of it.

A welcome note that was great to start the day of and one of the things that set the pace for the day was that innovation no more only happens in the Valley but it is all over the world and India is not behind.

P.S. Some more updates to follow in subsequent posts 🙂