What do we want?

Sitting in my half cleaned room and googling keywords like “W hat do we want” is forcing me to think what is the next big thing that we as customers would be experiencing so that our life becomes smart and sexy. In this internet mad world where you don’t need to find a netcafe or boot a computer to open your IE. Today you tap and you have it on your fancy touch screen. You find it, share it and let the whole world know it. It’s all about getting fast and letting the whole world know faster. We don’t live in an age where we want to keep it to ourself. Today from reading an article, clicking pictures, making videos of anything and everything we want to store the experience on the INTERNET and not in our HEART.
So guys what is the next thing moving further from the FACEBOOK age. Life and it’s fantasies are not going to be a constant. I am not an analyst nor am I a cousin of Nostradamus to foresee or predict a trend or future. Am a common guy like all of you there who love this internet world and feel great about it.
I want to know what do you want, what do you think that you should have and it’s somewhere missing in this FACEBOOK age.
As life has to move on from it. What do you think is missing?