What Can Brands Learn From Half A Million Mahindra Scorpio Facebook Community?

What Can Brands learn from Half a Million Mahindra Scorpio Facebook Community?

If you ask any community manager, what is his biggest nightmare while managing a fan page on Facebook, then his quick reply would be how to increase the number of fans. The answer can be found by following Mahindra Scorpio’s half a million fan page. Mahindra Socorpio became mightier recently when it conquered the feat of being the only Indian automaker to have a half a million plus fans on Facebook. It is not a mere feat and Vivek Nayer senior vice president, Marketing, Mahindra & Mahindra seems to be an excited man too:

“With more than 5.93 lakh fans endorsing our Scorpio on Facebook, this is indeed a reflection of the fact that Scorpio is one of the most admired brands in the Indian automobile industry. This is also clear from the recognition provided by fans and critics alike and the numerous awards it has received since inception. The brand’s fan following validates our continued focus to innovate in order to drive customer engagement and buzz around our brands.”

Half a million fans are not made in a fortnight or in a month and it’s not only continuous engagement but innovative engagement too. So what are the pillars of continuous innovative engagement model that Mahindra Scorpio is religiously following on Facebook.

Amazing Design: When a user lands on the Facebook, the first thing that catches her eyes is the overall look and feel. The fan page cruises here like its SUV’s. The welcome tab has a Scorpio video embedded and a comment board is added with it. Videos catch your eyes and the commenting platform allows fans to express their feelings. Very cool move.

Noisy Wall: The wall is really noisy with massive continuous engagement and is a fans delight as it is powered by them. You hardly find the community manager’s update. What more you will want when you have such a great response? However, that doesn’t mean that the community manager is not there when required. It’s a delight to watch fans supporting the community and obviously it has a lot of hard work involved in it.


Helping Fans

Embedding Videos: Embedding videos is one feature that has been extensively used by the Mahindra Scorpio Fan page. They have added a whole bunch of videos for fans audio visual delight which has got an amazing response. Check out any video and see the number of comments and you will know why we like this idea so much. So as a Brand, if you still don’t have this feature then its time you should think about it.

Engaging via Games: One of the reasons ‘Why Facebook became Facebook’ is because of Farmville. We love to play games and if it’s innovative and interesting then the interest builds up. Mahindra Scorpio has done the same thing by adding ‘Great Escape’, a Facebook game developed by Zapak.com, which involves driving a virtual Scorpio and complete missions. If you are trying to have this feature, then make sure that the games fall in line with your brand message.

Product Updates: Mahindra is an auto company and the page is about Scorpio which also means that fans need to be updated about all major happenings. ‘What’s New’ is a cool app that updates all the product features, contest details, polls and quiz. The idea is common but the presentation makes the difference here which apparently has been liked by fans.

As a brand you can learn from Mahindra Scorpio’s Facebook engagement but just don’t follow them blindly. Do things that fit with your Facebook objective.

Source: Alootechie