How Hansa Cequity’s #StoreAlone Campaign For Westside Saw A 29% Rise In End Of Season Sales

Case study by Hansa Cequity for Westside wherein communication was targeted to different set of audiences using Facebook’s power-targeting tool, to achieve a considerable increase this sale season

Westside StoreAlone

The Client

Westside is the department store business from Trent Ltd, a Tata Group Enterprise with 85 stores across 50 cities. Best known for its range of women’s ethnic wear, Westside also offers a wide range of apparel brands for Men, Women and Kids along with a unique collection of Furniture and Home accessories.

Clubwest, the loyalty program of Westside, was launched in 2001 with the primary intent to increase customer satisfaction and engagement through relevant marketing programs. To date, Clubwest has 2.2 million members that contribute to 72% of the sales at Westside.

The Agency

Hansa Cequity - With a data-driven marketing thinking and strategy, we help companies build intelligent, intuitive and real-time customer relationships. We enable this by leveraging the power of technology through proprietary and best-in-class marketing automation and analytics platforms.

Our data consultants understand and unify data from multiple sources. Our analysts and customer marketing specialists glean out insights and understanding of our client’s customers or prospects. Our campaign management and digital marketing consultants then move-in to create meaningful engagement opportunities in a multi-channel environment.

Problem Statement

Westside’s bi-annual End Of Season Sale was around the corner. Westside’s aim was to get their existing Clubwest shoppers back to the store during the sale season. It was noticed that people shopping at the store during the sale complained about crowded stores, long queues at the trial room, garments going out of stock, and several other issues due to the sale’s popularity. Westside aimed to changed this mindset and give its loyal fans a great in-store experience during the sale.

Identified Objectives

Westside Stores wanted to make the End of Season Sale a memorable one for some of its loyal Clubwest members. Westside also wanted to let their social media followers know about the sale, thus eventually increasing footfalls at the store, not just of Clubwest but also Non Clubwest members.


The Target Audience

Clubwest members who have shopped in the previous sale season.

Clubwest members who have shopped in the past 6 months.

People from the age group of 22 to 45 years who have shown interest in shopping.

The Big Idea

To make the hysterical and over-crowded sale-time shopping experience a comfortable one for its loyal fans, Westside did something really special. Westside created an opportunity where its lucky customers could ‘Shop Like A Boss’ at the End Of Season Sale. For the first time in India, 5 lucky customers were given a chance to shop at a Westside store, all alone.

The activity

The activity was conducted on social media platforms, where both Clubwest and Non Clubwest members were asked what they’d do if they were given a chance to shop in an empty Westside store. This audience was reached via power-targeted Facebook advertisements, targeting especially the Clubwest base and was asked to participate in the activity by commenting on the posts.

The most interesting and wittiest responses were short-listed and 5 lucky winners were given a chance to shop before anyone else, each individually, at a Westside store nearest to them. 3 out of the 5 winners selected were Clubwest members.

Platforms we chose: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, In-Store

Creative Elements

On Facebook:

Westside’s Facebook updates invited both Clubwest and Non Clubwest members to participate in the #StoreAlone activity, thus showing them a visual of the joys of shopping in an empty store.

On Twitter:

People were asked to tweet reasons why they’d like to shop at the Westside store all by themselves. They were asked to use the hashtag #StoreAlone so that Westside could track their tweets and replies.

On Instagram:

Similarly, the audience on Instagram were also asked to comment with their answers below the image of an empty Westside store.

On YouTube:

Westside also created a promo video before launching the activity to give people a feel of shopping all alone at the store, like a boss.


  • 29% increase in sales during the sale in January, 2015 as compared to July, 2014
  • 8% of the total participants were Clubwest members
  • 391 entries for the Store Alone activity
  • Over 1,00,000 people reached on Facebook
  • Over 200 YouTube views in 2 days
  • Increase in over 3,000 Facebook fans
  • 11% increase in Instagram fans
  • 9% increase in Twitter followers


This type of campaign helps to boost sales. Campaign that involves fans and followers gains lot of attention on social media. Running cost efficient campaigns on social media helps the brand in building marketing efficiency.