Week5 Of IPL6 On Social Media – #CSK Consistent While #PWI And #DD Lag Behind [Report]

Which IPL team leads the overall engagement front on all the social media channels along with ensuring active conversations? Find out in the report

Week 5 of the Indian Premier league brought in exciting new matches and more chances for brands to jump in to the conversations surrounding the IPL. Continuing our series of weekly trackdowns, we find out which team dominated the social media conversations in week 5 (1st May -7th May 2013) of the Indian Premier league with the help of Unmetric and BrandWatch.

IPL teams on Facebook

SunRisers Hyderabad had the biggest growth in terms of fans - 8% with the addition of more than 44K new fans taking up their final fans count to more than 539K. Chennai Super Kings followed up with a fan growth of more than 3% and the highest Engagement Score overall on Facebook.

Source: UnMetric
Source: Unmetric

When it comes to engagement, CSK still leads the lot in terms of overall engagement, but Kings Xi Punjab seems to have gained lots of interactions thanks to a Killer innings by David Miller, which helped the KXIP team to more than double the engagement on their page in the last 2 days of the week. In terms of Interactions of fans per thousand, below are the top 5 engaging posts which garnered the maximum Fan participation sorted by the IPM metric:




Applause Rate

Conversation Rate

Amplification Rate

46416164446122442616. David Miller’s last 20 balls.






Kings XI Punjab da sher David Miller and his trophies!!






Summer of 6 Album












A magnificent innings from Suresh Raina






In terms of Interactions per post, Chennai Super Kings lead the other teams owing to the high number of active fans they possess followed by Mumbai Indians.

Source: UnMetric
Source: Unmetric

Content Strategy adopted on Facebook

Chennai Super Kings: The content from the CSK guys have been pretty consistently revolving around their team stars. From Sir Jadeja jokes to the tongue in cheek replies to the RCB on their Twitter page, fans seem to love their content. And then they also have the ‘Spot the Ball’ contest which is a bit old fashioned but is generating quite a response from the fans none-the-less.

Mumbai Indians: Sachin! Sachin! On Field and off field. The little master works like a charm even when he is not even playing. The fans, they just love him and his content, even more.

Delhi Daredevils: Nothing has been going right for Delhi this season on the field. On Facebook, their performance has been mediocre which again might be attributed to their lack of on field performance to boast about.

Kolkata Knight Riders: I am really disappointed with them. Despite being the current IPL holders and having an owner as popular as Shah Rukh Khan, their Facebook engagement is one of the weakest I have seen. The enthusiasm by the fans seem to be missing too. People are tweeting about SRK’s non entry in to Wankhede more rather than their team’s performances. Sums it up!

Kings XI Punjab: Miller has killed it for them on Social Media as well. The innings has been well appreciated by everyone online and yes that has actually translated for them to increase fan growth to nearly double in the last 2 days.

Royal Challengers Bangalore: Gayle is their mainstay and DeVilliers and Kohli act as supplementary. In terms of new content and being interactive, the IPL team is taking their community seriously and taking some great strides.

Rajasthan Royals: Although not boasting of the fan size as much as the MI’s or the CSK’s. RR is doing a decent job in keeping up with updates. The Underdogs here as well.

Sunrisers Hyderabad: The Sunrisers did start off with a bang, but now somewhat are left behind in interactions. Time to come up with some innovative and fresh content.

Pune Warriors India: What to say about them. Horrid time in the IPL, Horrid Time on Facebook as well. Repetitive images about Match Day, A ‘War of the Bands’ contest nowhere related to the team and a non performing team. It’s just not their year!

IPL teams on Twitter

Sunrisers Hyderabad had the highest follower growth compared to all the other eight IPL teams at more than 11%. The handle seems to gain a good following in less than a year’s time as compared to others closing in on Pune Warriors at 91K followers.

KKR seems to have the best response time in week 5 replying to fans in less than 3 minutes on an average whereas SunRisers take longest time to reply with more than 6 hours per reply. Although in terms of volume, Delhi Daredevils has replied to most of the queries (61) at an average response of under 2 hours.

Source: UnMetric
Source: Unmetric

In terms of hashtag conversations, Chennai Super Kings dominated the hashtag war with a reach of over 22 Million and more than 21K mentions of #CSK.

Chennai Super Kings lead most of the conversations in Week 5 with a Share of Voice of around 30%. Sunrisers Hyderabad had the least share of conversations in week 5 while Mumbai Indians came in second with 16%.

Source: BrandWatch
Source: BrandWatch

In terms of mentions of IPL Team’s twitter handles, Chennai Super Kings lead Week 5 with more than 1,500 mentions of @ChennaiIPL followed by @MIPaltan with 1,025 mentions. Surely, CSK and Mumbai Fans were seen to be the most active in week 5 with the #MIvsCSK generating the maximum buzz overall.

Source: BrandWatch
Source: BrandWatch

In terms of overall sentiment, Rajasthan Royals and CSK seem to have a positive sentiment ratio. Rajasthan Royals have been praised for their consistent performance even though with a lack of a larger than life superstar. Dravid and Rahane have been the driving forces for the positive conversations. CSK on the other hand have their own loyal fan following with Dhoni and Hussey driving the positive points across forums. David Miller’s blitzkrieg knock earned Kings XI Punjab a growth in their positive mentions while Gambhir had to bear the brunt of the incident between him and Dravid leading to some negative feedback for the already struggling Kolkata Knight Riders.

IPL teams on YouTube

In terms of YouTube growth, Royal Challengers Bangalore are right at the top having already gained more than 6 Million video views on their channel. In week 5, Chennai Super Kings lead in terms of average views per video followed by SunRisers and Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Source: UnMetric
Source: Unmetric

Chennai Super Kings again stand out to be the clear winner in terms of presence and engagement in all the three categories in Week 5 of the IPL. Delhi and Pune are lagging behind on and off the field. The below data sheet gives you a clear picture on how fans are performing on social media.

Total Footprint IPL 6 Week 5

Which team do you follow in this edition’s IPL? Do let us know your thoughts in comments.