Week One Of IPL6 On Facebook - #SRH Is An All-Rounder While #CSK Tops Engagement [Report]

A detailed report on how the 9 teams of IPL6 performed in the first week on Facebook. SunRisers Hyderabad leads the race on the overall performance on Facebook.


The first week of the Indian Premiere League 6 madness has ended. Having commenced on the 3rd of April, 2013, IPL 6 has already brought in so much action. Chris Gayle with those huge sixes, Dinesh Karthik’s spectacular performance, Ponting’s magnificent catch and the performance of the new kids in the circuit from SunRisers Hyderabad, have all added flavour to the sixth edition of IPL. The on ground actions have reflected online too with the social buzz being the biggest this season across all major social media platforms.

IPL6_Unmetric_Score_Week1With the help of Unmetric, a social media monitoring product, we have dug deep to find out how the 9 IPL teams have performed on Facebook in the first week (03/04/2022 - 09/04/2022).

The comparative analysis of all the 9 teams resulted with SunRisers Hyderabad leading the charts with an Unmetric Score of 45,  followed by Chennai Super Kings with a score of 35 at second place and Mumbai Indians with a score of 30 at the third place. (Unmetric Score is a social media benchmark score that blends over 24 qualitative and quantitative metrics to rank a brand against competitors in the same category). It was surprising to see the new team ‘SunRisers Hyderabad’ rocking the top position but at the same time it was not a happy sight to see Pune Warriors India at the bottom. They seem to be syncing up the on ground performances with the online activities too!

Fan growth

Mumbai Indians with a 1.23% fan growth has the upper hand in terms of total fan growth in the first week. The team that has more than 3M fans, added close to 37,105 fans in the first week. The story remains the same with the increase of local fans. The team added 0.96% of fans from India i.e. close to 24,005 fans in the first week. However, SunRisers Hyderabad with 345K fans showed the highest growth rate. With 34.16% growth rate, the team added 87K fans in the first week out of which 38K fans were from India. The below screen grab gives the snapshot of “Localized Fan Growth.”



Conversations or People Talking About (PTA) has been one of the metrics that broadly tells us about brands that are influencing conversations to happen. With 26.15% (as % of Fans), SunRisers Hyderabad is the team that had most people talking about them. Furthermore, SunRisers Hyderabad also has the most % of Indian fans talking about them at 29.48% (as % of Fans). However, the team that is closely following the Hyderabadis are the Chennai boys. Chennai Super Kings had 13.68% (as % of Fans) Indians talking about them in the week. I guess it’s time when CSK wins some more matches to make its fans talk more about them. The below screen grab gives the snapshot of “Localized Conversations.”


Content type

Social media is all about content/posts and the admins of the IPL teams know this very well. Once again SunRisers Hyderabad lead the race with 69 posts posted by the admin and with 65 posts Rajasthan Royals is trying to close the gap. The other teams that have been pretty active in posting content are Chennai Super Kings and Delhi Daredevils.

Comparison_Posts Admin _Apr_3_2013_to_Apr_9_2013

Along with the admins, the fans have shown support for their respective teams. Fans of Kolkata Knight Riders have been the super charged ones who lead the race with 936 posts but Mumbai Indians’ fans with 872 posts are giving a tough challenge. However, it was really disappointing to see that CSK is the only team that doesn’t allow their fans to post on Facebook and Pune Warriors has the least active Facebook page. It’s time when the admins of Pune Warriors take some inspiration from its fans who have posted 480 posts!



The engagement score is different from the Unmetric score and it takes the Facebook score as the base. With an engagement score of 206, CSK is leading the race and no other team is close to it. In the first week, CSK with 81,025 shares and 576K likes managed to reach a wider audience than any other team.


Teams like SunRisers Hyderabad and Royal Challengers Bangalore with 156 and 134 engagement score respectively have been in the second and the third place. And once again it was disheartening to see a poor response in terms of likes, shares and comments for Pune Warriors.

Sentiment Analysis

The sentiment analysis revealed that the winners of last IPL i.e. Kolkata Knight Riders lead the race. The team had the most (net) positive sentiment. In fact most of the teams had a positive vibe except Pune Warriors. Pune Warriror had the most (net) negative sentiment. Out of 480 posts, the team received 41 negative posts; the lackluster approach on Facebook by the page admins could be one of the reasons.


With the IPL6 is in its second week, I am quite upbeat that the social media initiatives and engagement is going to soar, as we see more excitement. But for the first week, SunRisers Hyderabad have been a clear winner for their overall performance on Facebook and with 2 wins from three matches, I am sure that IPL6 will have some big surprises.

Disclosure: Unmetric is an advertiser with Lighthouse Insights.

Slider image courtesy: www.iplt20.com