Land Rover Highlights Grassroots Rugby Club Stories In #WeDealInReal

Land Rover's #WeDealInReal campaign for the Rugby World Cup 2015 seeks to inspire and entertain by championing the people and clubs that are the heart and soul of the game

Not every team or sportsperson gets the luxuries of practicing with the best of technology, but as they say “where there is a will there is a way.” Isle of Mull Rugby Club is one such small amateur club from 11 of the 20 countries taking part in Rugby World Cup 2015. Most of the players from distant places often hitching rides on local fishing boats get to training. Visiting teams also have to arrive by boat and Saturday games are timed around the ferry schedule.

The Club’s challenges inspire a greater degree of commitment from the local fans, who have taken the team to heart and are very vocal on the side lines, reports Visit Scotland. For this dedication towards the game, the club was chosen by Land Rover to represent Scotland in a series of 11 films featuring small amateur clubs.

The company’s #WeDealInReal global advertising and sponsorship campaign - which champions the players and supporters of rugby’s grassroots and reflects the resilience, determination, sportsmanship, teamwork and respect at the heart of the game - features the Isle of Mull Rugby Club.


Apart from individual grassroot stories of clubs from Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, among others, the British car manufacturer has also released a TV commercial that talks about the spirit of the game, how the game is being held by the love of sportspersons across age, sex and country. The poetic voiceover in the video ends with this statement - “At Land Rover from the grass roots to the greatest stage, we deal in real.”

In association with RKCR/Y&R and Spark44, London Land Rover has filmed local rugby clubs in eleven countries led to grassroots mini documentaries featuring Mull Rugby Club, Scotland, Soweto Rugby Club, South Africa, Upper Clutha RFC, New Zealand, Rugbaí Chorca Dhuibhne, Ireland, Daveta Rugby Club, Fiji, Halifax RUFC, England, Dingo Cubs Rugby Union Club, Australia, Clwb Rygbi Y Fflint, Wales, and CUS Siena, Italy. The campaign aims to inspire and entertain the audience by championing the people and clubs that are the heart and soul of the game.

On social media, the Twitter account has been about the ongoing games being hosted in England. From latest updates about matches to contests about the games, the Twitter account has been engaging around the tournament.

Storytelling has been the focus for Land Rover in #WeDealInReal. Stories not about great sportspersons but of all those individuals that have kept the spirit of the game alive despite all hardships. Stories like these connect with people. Land Rover, a supporter of the game for two decades, has done justice in bringing out these stories.

“We are proud to have supported not only the elite end of the game but also grassroots clubs and tournaments around the world for over 20 years.  It’s a privilege that has given us a true understanding of the game and the values that make the spirit of rugby so special. That’s why instead of focusing on the glitz and the glamour of the professional tournament, we have chosen to shine the spotlight on some of the smallest, most remote, most deserving rugby clubs around the world,” said Jaguar Land Rover UK marketing director Laura Schwab to Marketing.

She added, “It’s something no other Rugby World Cup sponsor has done before. We hope to champion and celebrate the real stories and legends who make rugby the sport we all know and love.”

In the coming few weeks the brand will also engage further with grassroots clubs through its #WeDealInReal social and digital campaign, recruiting the final few mascots and the start of global retailer engagement.