WedMeGood’s Inspiring Video Tells Curvy Brides To Own Their Day

'Curvy is in', an Indian wedding planning portal taking up the case of curvaceous brides is way more special than curvy Barbie

Wed me good curvy brides

‘Slim and sexy’ is such a given in our society that you can never find a matrimonial ad in the newspaper inviting ‘Big and healthy’ girls. Indian society does not approve of ‘big girls’ and in case one of them chooses to settle down in holy matrimony, she is most often rebuked for being ‘fat’, ‘oversized’, or is met with weird expressions like, ‘wouldn’t he marry a drum instead?’

A wedding planning portal, Wed Me Good has taken up their case for its latest campaign. It so happened one day that the portal stumbled upon a problem faced only by big brides-to-be. Wed Me Good provides a day of pampering for brides-to-be at a designer store which ends with a bridal photoshoot as a lasting memory. But, the trial sizes at designer stores were a certain standard size, there was nothing for big brides-to-be!

Thus was born ‘Real Brides. Real Curves’, a powerful video-driven campaign where a bunch of curvaceous brides-to-be challenge social norms and society expectations from them.

Wed Me Good teamed up with Stage3, an online high-fashion styling and rental platform that allows you to own a fashion experience for a night, and Weddings by Colorblind for the video. Set at a beautiful venue like the Taj Vivanta Surajkund, it features five curvaceous woman getting ready for their shoot, while they share what it means to be a big girl in this slim and sexy world.

“A bride‘s body is not her own” says Anshuma, a bride to be from Delhi. Zenden from Mumbai says she looks forward to flaunt her curves at her own wedding in a week. Tanvi, a nutritionist who herself  lost 20 kgs, talks about how brides have it harder than grooms and one of India’s first plus-sized models Shivani, tells us what it’s like to be a big girl in a skinny world.

At the end when they are all dressed up as lovely brides, each of the confident women share a strong piece of advice for those curvy women viewers looking for inspiration. “If you’re happy with yourself, I don’t think anyone else can judge you.” “It’s your day and understand and internalise the fact that every bride is special.”

Way to go for Wed Me Good, especially when the world is demanding more diversity in inclusion. In Jan this year, we saw an iconic American doll undergo a radical transformation, making ‘curvy’ an acceptable body type. Mattel announced three more types of Barbie: Tall, Petite and Curvy, in addition to introducing 7 skin tones, 24 hairstyles and 22 eye colours. While Barbie’s move is great for little girls with impressionable minds, it would take an entire village to accept a curvy bride in India, for a true revolution to begin.

Media needs to include curvy women too, our leading ladies need to be curvy too, stores need to have clothes for curvy women too. By standing up for curvy brides-to-be, Wed Me Good has carved a niche for itself when it comes to Indian brands that are bold and advocate social messages in their campaigns. This way the brands resonate better with the social savvy millennial generation.