WeChat Introduces Message Recall Feature, Tag For Contacts, Bulk Favoriting

WeChat 5.3.1 for Android and iOS has introduced message recall feature that lets you recall any message sent within the last two minutes

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The fastest growing messaging app in India and globally as well, WeChat has introduced an exciting feature in its latest version, that could be a life saver too. WeChat 5.3.1 for Android and iOS has a cool new ‘Message Recall’ feature allowing you to recall any message sent within the last two minutes instantly.

You need to simply hold the message and tap the “Recall” button. Hopefully you remember to do that before its more than two minutes old!

In an attempt to give an all-in-one social experience to its users, the app has added some more features too. Users can now connect, socialize and have fun with friends in more than one way.


The ‘Tags for Contacts’ lets users tag contacts with keywords like “Co-worker,” “In-law” or “BFF” so they can find people quickly. This is a particularly useful feature when creating group chats. To start with, go to the “Contacts” tab and select a name > Tap the Settings icon above > Press “Set Remarks and Tags” and insert keywords for the contact in the “Tag” field.

The other useful feature is ‘Favorite Messages in Bulk’ which enables users to save all their favourite messages into one package so they can quickly view them without scouring through the messages individually. To use this feature, simply long press a message > Select “More” > Choose multiple messages > Tap the “Favorite Messages” icon below to save.

The upgrades don’t stop there, WeChat 5.3.1 for Android and iOS has a clean and crisp UI, which means users can easily slide between their favourite features and effortlessly use the upgraded search bar. Also, photos will automatically download when connected to Wi-Fi, so you can say goodbye to the image loading bar.

WeChat has been investing heavily into marketing initiatives in the country. Its localized advertising has done away with young Bollywood actors – Parineeti Chopra and Varun Dhawan, both of whom had been roped in earlier to mark the India debut of the messaging app. Instead, WeChat has created a ‘Jaat boy’ to communicate the benefits of the app, complete with his local accent and a pet buffalo. The local lingo is also reflected with the Jaatboy stickers available on WeChat.

Although the app has not shared its active India users, according to GlobalWebIndex, a market research company with a focus on online consumer behavior, the Tencent-owned chat service from China, has had a massive growth outside of China. Numbers reveal it to be the fastest growing chat app at a global level, with particularly significant user bases in markets like Malaysia (33%), Hong Kong (32%), India (21%) and Indonesia (18%).

Surely, WeChat is poised for growth on a massive scale in India and globally. It would be interesting to know its active India user base, especially when placed beside the reigning leader in the messaging app space – WhatsApp with 50 million active India users, and no marketing!