WeChat Integrates With China Merchants Bank. Gives Up Traditional SMS Feature

by Prasant Naidu on June 19, 2022

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Growth, revenues and integration are some of the features that the Asian messaging apps are boasting of. The latest one to do so is WeChat, the Chinese mobile messaging app from Tencent with China Merchants Bank (CMB). According to TechNode, Tencent has integrated WeChat with CMB to provide financial features to the customers.


The partnership was laid back in 2012 and the service “CMB Credit Cards Center” was finally launched in March this year. It is being said that WeChat has provided customized API support for CMB to carry out features like transfer of data.

The talked about partnership will enable interesting features to credit card holders and all the information binds to her respective WeChat account. This feature now allows customers to check their bills, credits, limits or transaction records. Additionally, with this integration the bank has removed the traditional mechanism of sending SMSs to inform customers about their activities. This has simply reduced quite a bit of costs for the bank.

Besides this the messaging app that has more than 300M users globally and out of which 50M are located outside of China is planning to introduce two more features. The features that are in trial are voice-text-service and providing real time details based on the location details of the customers. With voice based features one can execute mundane tasks such as checking of balance and with the location based deals one avail real time deals from the nearby merchants. Both the new features look quite interesting for CMB which has more than 500 branches in mainland China and one in Hong Kong.

It would be exciting to see if WeChat can extend these features in the international space, which would definitely spike its growth and give a tough fight to its competitors - WhatsApp, LINE and Kakao Talk.

Image courtesy: Bloomberg

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