Webfluenz, Social Media Intelligence Product [Review]

A review of Social Media Intelligence Product, Webfluenz

Today having an active presence and engaging with your fans is a necessity but along with that you also need to monitor your presence. Monitoring your presence is not only limited to social networks but people are talking about you everywhere whether it be blogs, tweets or forums. This activity of monitoring and managing reputation on the Internet has become a challenge for both big and small brands and so we need a social media intelligence product such as Webfluenz.

Impressed with the pitch, I decided to explore Webfluenz to track the chatter on the latest Bollywood movie,  “Gangs of Wasseypur” from June 1 to June 23.

Search: As a brand manager, if you are worried about your brand then this is the tab from where you start monitoring your campaign. You can search for the keywords that you want to monitor. To play around with WebFluenz, as I said I tracked the latest Bollywood movie “Gangs Of Wasseypur” which I am also going to use as an example to review the product.  Once you have decided with your keywords after checking the preview, you can track for a particular country.  You can always click on ‘W’ on the sliding bar on your left to edit your campaigns and search profiles.

Dashboard: It provides a complete snapshot of the keywords that we are tracking for the campaigns that we had created in the “Search” section. The product, which monitors the web real time, provides a complete snap shot on a selected date range. The product also gives details such as mentions, channels, sentiments, gender, etc. for a certain date too as shown in the below screen grab.

The product also gives a break down of different channels that people are using to talk about the keywords that we are tracking. The below screen grab shows the details with a graph too.

Sentiment tracking is also performed in Webfluenz. The product also provides gender details that are shown in a graph form. The below screen grab clearly indicates that “Gangs of Wasseypur” has received 50% positive sentiments and a mere 4% negative sentiments.

Besides this, the product provides a list of the most talked words, countries that are involved in the chatter and also provides a list of influential people, publishers and links shared by influencers.

Engage: It is one of the most interesting feature of Webfluenz that not only lets you provide the list of the influential people and publishers but also provides a way to engage with them. It is a collection of lists that you can always tailor make according to your choices. Along with the list of influential people and links, you can track mentions from different channels. Besides this you can engage with people who are talking about the keywords being tracked and also assign the work to people for more research. A smart feature for the marketing manager of the production house and Anurag Kashyap too!

Besides this Webfluenz has Competitor and Report generation feature provided. I was not able to review the Competitor product due to the limitation of the account that I was provided. Report generation is a feature that will provide you all the details of your campaign in a pdf format.

 What is cool about WebFluenz

1. Search is comprehensive and provides multiple language support.

2. Realtime tracking is performed and Webfleunz notifies you when there is an activity related to the campaign that you are tracking.

3. Engage is an excellent feature which not only provides the list of influential people and links but allows a smart way to engage with them. With this feature, you can go back in time and find what were people talking about you last month or even last year.

4. Competitor feature is an added bonus as brands would love to keep a tab on their competitors. For example, Anurag Kashyap would like to know the kind of buzz “Teri Meri Kahanni ” has created.

5. Finally a compreshensive product to track your brands reputation online.

Even though I was not able to review the “Competitor” feature, I still believe that Webfluenz is a comprehensive product for brands and social media agencies. If you are interested in giving the product a spin, then tweet Webfluenz, they are pretty active or else you can drop a mail at sales[@]webfluenz[.]com