Web Auditions For Indian Idol 6

An article that talks about how Indian Idol 6 plans to use digital and social media for the latest edition this year.

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Reality shows in India have sprouted on every channel and in every form that you would expect but some stand apart for the sheer concept and content. One of them is Indian Idol and it is back for the sixth time for hunting India’s fresh new singing talent. Apart from the regular show and the format, Sony has planned to go the digital way. According to the news published in Best Media Info, Sony for the first time in Indian Idol’s history is providing a digital and social platform for the contestants. Isn’t that an exciting move for participants from across the country to chase their dream of being the next Indian Idol?

A well thought move by Sony, which has led to the formation of MyIndianIdol that allows participants to upload their videos online and get a chance to be selected. So if you think that you have all the relevant qualities to become the 6th Indian Idol, then log into MyIndianIdol and the main page prominently displays the register button for web auditions. However a small advice before uploading, it is good to check few of the fellow contestants videos not to gauge the competition but to avoid mistakes. For example some videos have some audio, video, etc problems that one can avoid. The current gallery now has 170 videos and must say some videos have really got good number of views and comments. Once you have uploaded your video on the site, you can share it to various social networks and the site has also integrated Facebook comments, which is a smart move for discussions to flow and spread the word on India’s biggest social network. If you have any other questions, then you can have a look here.

indian idol 6
Image courtesy: Videochaska.com

Along with this, the site has shared old pleasant memories of Indian Idol along with photographs, etc. The portal definitely demands one look. However for a fan like me who loves to hear music had some hard time to find out the cool videos. May be Sony can sort videos and display as Trending videos going further.

MyIndianIdol also has a presence created on Facebook for awareness and it is a fresh initiative. However the effort surely doesn’t match up with the portal and the social media presence, as both don’t have any synch.  The fan page is a vanilla fan page with just a display picture to glitter about. The wall has relevant content such as old videos and relevant information about the show.  That is all good but then there is zero conversations from the page owners or the social media admins. I have scrolled trough most of the page but there are no conversations or response provided from the page admins. Apart from that would have loved, if the Facebook page had an app that could also allow fans to submit their videos? Going forth the fan page could display the popular ones, which will not only drive fans but increase the bar of engagement.

The move to accept online videos from contestants is definitely a positive move keeping in mind the vast country. This will not only make Indian Idol more popular online but will give a chance to contestants who can’t travel to the selected audition locations. I am not a great singer but are you planning to be the next Indian Idol? If yes, then all the best and let us know how was the online experience.

P.S. I have not uploaded any video and tested the process of online registration. If you have given a shot, do let us know how was it.

Slider image courtesy: Videochaska.com