WATSummit 2012 – Dawn Of The Digital Age

WATSummit 2012,Dawn Of The Digital Age a two day conference focussing on the boom of Digital and social media of India. Are you going to be a part of it?


From the ‘Inflection Point of Digital Media’ in 2011 to ‘Dawn of the Digital Age’ in 2012, WatSummit seems to have come a long way. These annual summits have set a benchmark in bringing together the gurus of the digital and advertising world. The major addition this year is the WAT Awards 2012, where Web, Advertising & Technology stalwarts contributing to the productivity and innovation excellence, will be recognized and honored. This two-day summit will be held at Holiday Inn, Mumbai on January 20th and 21st, 2012. The keynote speakers for the summit are Benjamin Edelman Assistant Professor, Harvard Business School and Mahendra Swarup -Chairman, Smile Interactive Technology Group.

Talking about the summit, Rajiv Dingra, Founder & CEO, WATMedia Pvt. Ltd. said,

“The fast changing landscape of Digital media is leading to a dawn of the digital age which is creating both content and access to content simultaneously. The influx of devices like playbook, iPad and smartphones is changing our media consumption habits dramatically. To us WATSummit is an event that marks the beginning of a digital age never seen before.”


The ‘WAT summit 2012 – Dawn of the Digital Age’ will be a two- day action-packed event dedicated to panels and networking, along with stalls exhibiting the cutting edge in digital media. 40 high profile speakers will be present at the summit sharing top-notch content.  Some of the confirmed speakers are Muralikrishnan BCountry Manager, eBay India, Vivek Bhargava – Managing Director, Communicate 2, Amar Goel – Founder & CEO, Komil, Rahul Khanna – Managing Director, Canaan India, Karl Gomes – Co-founder, AgencyDigi, Nikhil Pahwa  – Editor, Medianama, Nikhil Rungta – Country Marketing Head , Google India, Sudhir Syal – Associate Producer, ET-Now Times TV Network, Hitesh Dingra – Founder & CEO, LetsBuy.com, Pradeep Chopra – CEO, Digital Vidya, Vijay Shekhar Sharma – Chairman & MD, One 97 Communications Pvt. Ltd. and Vikas Tandon – Managing Director, Indigo Consulting.

Day 1 will have a keynote speech by Benjamin on ‘Building a Global Internet company: Driving Traffic to your Site’ and another one by Mahendra Swarup on ‘Dawn of the Digital Age’. There will be panel discussions on E-commerce and Increase in the Digital Media Pie. The Summit will also highlight the budgets allocated by the industry, inferring the rise and importance of digital presence felt by various Corporates and Brands. Another interesting discussion would be about M Commerce in India and how it would shape up. And finally, being content generators ourselves, we are particularly looking forward to the discussion topic ‘Content is King but why is it free?’

Day 2 will focus on panels revolving around Socialization of the Web, Clicks V/s Conversations in Advertising campaigns, Search for Creative Brilliance in Digital Media and Start-Ups V/s Venture Capitalists Perspective. Among these, our favourite topic would obviously be the Socialization of the Web and personally we are looking forward to understand the Start-Ups vs. VC’s perspective!

So if you are reading us for your daily social media updates, then perhaps you are interested in the future of digital too and want to stay updated about everything that is changing or likely to change this year. To learn more about how you can be a part of the WATSummit 2012, visit http://www.watsummit.com

In any case, stay tuned here as we would be bringing you all the action from the summit, being the official blogging partner of WATSummit 2012. Do share with us what you think about the summit and any suggestions as to how you would like this massive event to be covered.