WATConsult’s Snapchat Recruitment Drive – Hiring Talented Young Minds Or Just A Gimmick

The two week campaign conducted in two phases received nearly 100 'snapplications' and managed to boost the agency’s Snapchat account by nearly 200 new followers


Gen-Y is a demographic everybody is after. These twenty-somethings are a passionate lot brewing fresh ideas and are forever savvy for the new. This set is also the most likely to adapt to new technology, innovate to express themselves better on a new medium and show greater readiness for experimentation. One foolproof method to identify a member of this generation is to look at their social media feeds, or rather the social media channels they frequent.

It’s all about ‘me’ and my creativity, and it’ll probably be skewed around Snapchat – that ephemeral photo sharing app that’s the in thing among teens and folks in their early 20’s. Snaps and videos sent to friends self destruct within 10 seconds and that seems to supremely appeal to these ‘live-in-the-moment’ youngsters.

In India, articles have pegged Snapchat users to be anywhere near 12 million but  none have trusted source links to confirm this. Fact is, there are many young folks on Snapchat in the country.

That is precisely why one of India’s leading digital and social media agency turned to Snapchat to hire digitally savvy 21-24 year-olds. WATConsult, now a part of the Dentsu Aegis Network, recently concluded a digital recruitment campaign on Snapchat called Snapplication (Snapchat Application!)

The two week campaign conducted in two phases received nearly 100 snapplications and managed to boost the agency’s Snapchat account by nearly 200 new followers. Overall 500 snaps were uploaded which received an average of 182 views.

Kicking off phase 1 with a teaser campaign on April 25, WATConsult used its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram handles to get users on Snapchat for a sneak peek of their office and work culture.

The next week, in Phase 2, the agency put up 10 second videos of the team, the offices, journey of WATConsult, experiences of old employees, across Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi and invited Snapchat applications from them. Interested candidates were asked to apply by uploading a 10 second video on Snapchat and share their passion and interest area and accordingly get an opportunity to work on those brands.

The campaign earned the agency nearly 3000 organic likes on its Facebook Page, while engaging 80, 515 users daily. The daily page impressions went up to 9, 07,107. On Twitter, #Snapplication trended for 3 hours creating 18.7 million impressions, 2337 tweets and 126 re-tweets. Average tweets per day counted up to 824 tweets.

Hiring talented millennials or just a hiring gimmick

Figuring out Snapchat is like rolling a boulder up a hill for most of us habituated to status updates and forever available photo albums online. Chatting via 10 second self destructing snaps and videos is the parallel universe of chatting for us. But, that is where the young and socially savvy millennials are flocking to, and that is where a brand or an agency can hope to find them and hire them.

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WATConsult’s effort to hire twenty-somethings through Snapchat is a commendable one, however it does beg a few questions like: Is the use of this medium justified?, Weren’t the Snapchatters already on the agency’s other social media platforms?, How can one access talent in 10 seconds?

Crossposting about the company work culture with sneak peeks inside its offices and getting ex-agency folks on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has certainly helped the agency attract new folks and drive them to its Snapchat account, but these can’t be termed as hardcore Snapchatters. As of July 2015, a Statista survey found that only 1 percent of internet users in India accessed Snapchat on a daily basis. Whatsapp had a daily reach of 56%, followed by Facebook with 51% and Facebook Messenger with 28%. Even LinkedIn has a 3% daily reach. The percentages may have shifted a little but the proportion would likely remain the same this year. So, hunting for twenty-something Indians on Snapchat looks unnecessary and a jaded affair.

That said, Snapplication is a great recruitment initiative by an agency using its own social media channels. On the one hand, it managed to promote itself through inside stories on social media, and on the other, it boosted its follower base organically. And, what’s more, WATConsult is now having a healthy Snapchat community too!

In countries with a healthy Snapchat share of users, agencies are using the chat app in innovative ways to recruit young minds. Space150, a Minneapolis-based agency used Snapchat geofilters for a new purpose: to enlist interns for its summer program at college campuses across the country. It started creating filters for college campuses, its own offices as well as public locations, which prompted the students to follow it on its Snapchat handle, where they’ll be given a creative brief on the basis of which they can apply to the internship program.