Watch All Super Bowl 2015 Commercials, Facebook The Most Mentioned Social Network At Super Bowl

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1. Super Bowl 2015 tech ad round-up: Which one is your favorite? Now that it’s over and the Patriots have taken home the trophy, let’s take a look at how tech brands, ranging from cars to online services to mobile games, used their precious airtime this year. Read more here.

2. Super Bowl Commercials With Hashtags Slipped To 50% In 2015: Fifty percent of 2015 Super Bowl ads carried hashtags, a bit of a slip from the record 57% during the 2014 game. Facebook was the social network most mentioned, though mentions of specific social networks were again very sparse. Read more here.

3. T-Mobile tries to make everyone on Twitter feel special with the same few Kim K selfies: Attention Twitter: If Kim Kardashian has been sending you personalized selfies, don’t get too excited. Earlier tonight, T-Mobile started mentioning random users pretending to be Kim K offering up selfies from her “private stash.” Read more here.

4. Coca-Cola thinks you can stop internet trolls with Coke: The internet can be an ugly place in 2015. Coca-Cola, peddler of sugary smiles for decades, wants to do away with all the trolls. But with Coke, presumably? In the company’s Super Bowl somewhat bizarre ad tonight, all it took was for someone to accidentally pour some Coke on what could only be the server stack of the world to spread some happiness online. Read more here.

5. Farewell To Tuaw—And To A Whole Era Of Tech Blogging: I was hoping that the ugly rumors were false. But TUAW—The Unofficial Apple Weblog, which has long been one of the most dependable sources of Apple news—has confirmed that its owner, AOL, will discontinue it on February 3. Read more here.

6. Super Bowl 2015 commercials: Watch them all, here: Watch the 2015 Super Bowl ads that have been released so far; then check back during the big game to watch all the commercials you missed while you were out replenishing your beer stock. Read more here.

7. P&G’s #LikeAGirl Ad Scored The Most Social Buzz During Super Bowl 2015: The 2015 Super Bowl between the Patriots and Seahawks has wrapped, but the scores on how well this year’s advertisements performed are just now rolling in. Read more here.