War Of Words On Twitter: Sushma Swaraj And Omar Abdullah On Kishtwar Violence

On the eve of Eid, Kishtwar in Jammu witnessed clashes. Twitter saw a war of words on the same between Shushma Swaraj And Omar Abdullah

It seems on a day of festivity we are witnessing action on offline as well as online too. Today while Eid is being celebrated all over India, different parts of Jammu & Kashmir are tense. Protestors clashed with security forces after prayers were held for Eid.

The clashes that took place in the southern town of Kishtwar, 230 km north of Jammu worsened as the Police and Paramilitary Forces used batons and teargas to disperse mobs gathered in different parts of the town. Subsequently the army was summoned and the town has been put under curfew.

The clashes also caused massive conversations on social media platforms specially Twitter. In no time Kishtwar started trending in the top ten India Trends. Initially the tweets were about the hatred behind the violence and what led to the protests.

However, what followed later was an extension of the ongoing tiff between political parties on social media. Twitter became a platform of cordial spat between two respected politicians – leader of opposition (BJP) Sushma Swaraj and J&K Chief Minister Omar Abdullah.

It all started with a tweet from Ashish Sharma who had tweeted the BJP leader about the tense situation and asked for help. In no time Sushma who is a prolific Twitter user tweeted to Omar for immediate attention on the situation. Omar replied to her but his reply opened the Pandora’s box. The below tweets give you the entire sequence of the spat between the two leaders.

Political debates and battles have taken to social media these days. Recently we saw Sushma Swaraj taking a dig at the Uttarakhand Chief Minister on Twitter for his incapability of handling the recent crisis. In return, she received a strong reply from the Congress ministers such as Manish Tewari and Ajay Mekan.

The new spat is a mere extension of the ongoing political battle on social media and we are going to witness more of this with the 2014 general elections inching closer.

Image courtesy: Hindu