This Tea Brand Rekindles The Warmth In Relationships With A 4-Minute Film

Wagh Bakri tea launches long format ad film called 'Rishton ki garmahat' as its new positioning


Wagh Bakri Tea, a 122-year old tea brand from Gujarat that was originally called the ‘Gujarat Tea Depot Co’ has always been banking on its strong taste. Communication was centered around the brand’s slogan – ‘Hamesha rishtey banaye’. But, the brand is now softening its image to focus on the beauty of relationships with the tea acting as a catalyst.

Wagh Bakri launched a four-minute film on the occasion of Republic Day called ‘Rishton ki Garmahat’ or the ‘warmth in relationships’. Conceptualised by Scarecrow Communications, the long format TVC was aired on select news channels over a 100 times through specially created slots to accommodate the long film on Republic Day. Teasers were also aired on the same channels two days prior.

The film begins with a man waking up to a business call. While he is speaking, the maid presents him with a video tape left by his wife. As he begins to play it, he is shocked to listen to his wife speak to him through the handycam as he was always too busy to pay her attention.

She shares the journey of their relationship right from the day he had visited her family, chosen her as his life partner to the day she learnt to make tea for him when she saw he couldn’t survive without tea. She confessed she too began to have tea despite not having a drop of it before!

The story goes ahead with her informing him that she is leaving him after realising that the warmth in their relationship has lessened over the years. Realising his mistake, we see the husband rushing off to her home and asking her for a cup of tea, while making an effort to rekindle their relationship.

A song starts playing while she is making tea, as the lyrics portray both the making of perfect tea and the making of a perfect relationship. The film ends with the new positioning, ‘Wagh Bakri Chai. Rishton mein garmahat laaye, Hamesha rishtey banaye’.

Uploaded on the brand’s YouTube channel on Jan. 24, its gained over 200K views in four days. On the digital front, the film has been shared on the brand’s Facebook and Twitter pages. There seems to be no campaign extension on social media as yet.

Needs to spread some warmth on social media

Long format storytelling seems to be the ‘in’ thing this year. It is only the first month of 2015 and we have already seen the launch of a few good long format ad films trying to leverage the power of digital storytelling. The Wagh Bakri film has all the elements required of a good story; in fact the product blend within the story is just perfect. Likening the art of making tea with the art of keeping the warmth in relationships alive is a clever ploy.

However, there is not much of social media buzz and the film might lose its warmth if it does not connect through social media. Perhaps the brand is looking for a wider reach through television alone, but that defeats the purpose of a long format ad film in the digital age. Hoping to witness some conversations around the new brand positioning ‘Rishton ki garmahat’.