Why Volvo Let 4-Year-Old Sophie Live Test Its New FMX Truck

The Volvo FMX is equipped with Automatic Traction Control that keeps the 18-tonne truck going even on steep slopes, so who better than a destructive little mind to prove it

Volvo Trucks, an independent company from Volvo Cars, is back again with a new stunt and this time it has got a little girl named Sophie to remotely test drive its 18-tonne FMX truck over an obstacle-laden course.

The second in a series of video ads the company calls its  “Live Test Series, in collaboration with its award winning ad agency Forsman and Bodenfors of Sweden, the idea is to demonstrate ‘how easily it copes in the most demanding environments.’ The first video aired in 2013 depicted actor Jean-Claude Van Damme performing an “Epic Split” to illustrate the steering precision provided by the company’s two trucks – with Van Damme standing between the trucks as they move apart and his legs split.

Volvo released a teaser video a week back introducing its toughest truck ever, facing its biggest challenge from little Sophie with her pigtails and thick glasses.

For its new stunt, the 4-year-old was given a remote control specially made for this stunt that allowed her to control steering, acceleration, braking, and the gearshift. ‘Left and right, back and forwards’, is all that Sophie plans on doing up there, as she is driven up a building and let loose to handle the giant FMX truck on the gravel pit.

The result is an amazing ‘Look who’s driving’ film that shows how the Volvo truck can withstand almost anything. Sophie is having the time of her life ramming the giant truck right onto swinging boxes and concrete buildings. The truck braves fireworks, water filled yards while going off track most of the time, thanks to the 4-year-old’s highly destructive spree.

She even gets distracted once by a drone flying overhead; the truck rolls over 360 degrees and she looks a little scared now. The truck gets back to position and she too commences her remote-driving. To her utter delight, she comes across a concrete building and goes right onto it smashing it to bits. The Volvo emerges unhurt and is seen going around in circles towards the end of the test drive, with little Sophie squealing in joy!

The text blurb says, “Volvo FMX is the toughest truck we ever built. Now with automatic traction control’.

Point proved!

‘To show what the truck can do, we want to give it a real challenge. What test driver is more reckless than an unpredictable four-year-old?’ says Ricard Fritz, Vice President Volvo Trucks Brand. The video not only succeeds in demonstrating the toughness of the new Volvo FMX, but also makes for a fun watch.

Volvo is always up for stunts to prove its features. The Swedish company had got a hamster named Charlie to drive up a dangerous quarry to demonstrate its Dynamic Steering as part of Live Test series.