Volkswagen’s #ThinkNew Showcases The Technologies Of The Future

Following on the success of Think Small and Think Blue, Volkswagen has launched #ThinkNew to showcase car innovations that will make our lives better

Think New Volkswagon

German automaker Volkswagen has launched a new multi-stage advertising campaign focused on innovation. Following on the success of the company’s “Think” themed ad campaigns - the award winning ‘Think Small’ campaign for the Beetle, and its “Think Blue” campaign towards becoming an ecologically sustainable company, the new campaign is called “Think New”. The idea is to showcase car innovations by brand Volkswagen that will make our lives better.

Developed by DDB Germany, the campaign tries to explore into all perceptions of ‘new’ on different mediums. Divided into three phases, the Volkswagen Think New campaign started with a teaser phase with bright visuals introducing the new motto.

If new can be scary, confusing and disappointing, it can also be exciting, surprising, irresistible, extraordinary and fascinating. The minute-long Volkswagen Think New Manifesto video takes a dive into the new:


The next phase introduced a microsite that showcases the future at Volkswagen with its Think New stories. It hosts short films that offer a glimpse into the technologies of tomorrow like self-parking cars or cars that can actually scrap the ice off your windows. For instance, the GTE technology lets you choose whether to go by petrol or electrically. There’s also a way to send your car keys to someone by smartphone!

Viewers can choose to read the full story for each innovation, and also share them with the help of social sharing buttons that are pre-filled with campaign hashtags. The brand is leveraging its social media pages to spread the word with hashtag #thinknew.

Volkswagen has the right voice and experience on social for ‘Think New’ following up with its memorable and award-winning Think series of campaigns. By featuring innovations in car technology, ‘Think New’ helps showcase the brand as a leader in its field. Besides, bringing in share-ability in the Think New Stories helps spread the word on social media. Another great one by Volkswagen!