Win A Volkswagen Polo Or Vento With ‘Lucky 13’

A review of the Volkswagen 'Lucky 13' contest specifically designed for Polo & Vento buyers, where if you book a test drive in the 13th minute of any hour, you could win one.


With all the festivities over with and Indians getting on with their routine lives, it is quite tough if you are in the business of making cars. Right from Navratri in September or October upto the New Year, you are upto your neck with bookings and deliveries, but the sales slack post the new year compels you to come up with clever ways to increase sales.

German automobile maker, Volkswagen has launched a new campaign ‘Lucky 13’ for its Polo and Vento beginning on the 13th of January this year, which will run till the 13th of February. All you have to do is book a test drive for the Polo or Vento in the 13th minute of any hour, and if 13 is destined to bring you luck, you could win the car!

To be eligible to participate in ‘Lucky 13’, you have to book the test drive through the Volkswagen website, or the Volkswagen Facebook application or through any of Volkswagen’s Authorised Dealerships and purchase the car during the period of the campaign. Answer the 3 multiple choice questions correctly at the dealers and keep your fingers crossed!


The Facebook app is a basic one with the above image and a form to request for a test drive. You do not have to ‘like’ the page, just fill in your name and other personal details, with the model that you would like to test drive. Do read the Terms & Conditions before you submit though. The contest is being aggressively promoted on the Facebook wall for a community that is more than 1.1 million. Also, the Twitter page has been sharing about the contest with the hashtag #lucky13.


The ‘Lucky 13’ is sure to push sales of the Polo, Vento in this slack period, however Volkswagen seems to have mellowed down on its grand launches and out of the box media campaigns. #Anything4Jetta, Planet Volkswagen, Think Blue, the #JettaTSI on Youtube where it answered the most frequently asked questions by customers in a funny video format are some of the significant campaigns that shaped the brand and its launches in the last two years.

However, after the vibrating newspaper campaign for the launch of the Polo and Vento in September went wrong on Twitter, the brand is maintaining a low profile. During the festive season last year, Volkswagen had launched a ‘Post it‘ campaign which is similar to the Lucky 13 one. Yellow sticky notes were stuck on the front page of the Hindustan Times in Delhi and Mumbai, and the Deccan Chronicle in Hyderabad, inviting readers to test drive its Polo and Vento along with the contest to win one of the two models. A lucky draw decided two winners for each of the models.

‘Lucky 13’ seems to have been derived from the success of ‘Post it’ to counter the slack season, but the concept of changing the number 13 to a lucky one is not a unique one. Hopefully, we will see more innovative and meaningful promotions this year.