Volkswagen India Answers Your Questions About #JettaTSI Via Youtube

An article on how Volkswagen India Answers Your Questions About #JettaTSI Via Youtube

A successful brand on social media is not only the one which is driving massive engagement on certain networks, but it also needs to venture out into new networks and plan interesting campaigns around it. So that it could set new industry benchmarks. Volkswagen India which has been running campaigns around its new Jetta TSI, is running another interesting campaign on it’s Youtube brand page. Volkswagen along with Grey Digital has come up with an idea to provide virtual experience of the car by answering the most commonly asked questions by consumers. To make it a learning and enjoyable experience, the brand is milking the powers of videos on Youtube for this campaign. (( as reported by AFAQS))

The Volkswagen India Youtube brand page, which has got 211 subscribers and more than 189K views, has developed a customized look for this campaign.  The customized brand page has been shown in the below screen grab.

Volkswagen India #jettaTSI

Along with providing a space to ask questions, the page has listed few top questions under the category of “Top Questions”. The interesting part is that the answers have been given in the form of videos with a quotient of humor. The Youtube page of the brand has also embedded three links: 1) Explore the Jetta TSI, 2) Book a real test drive and 3) Volkswagen India. The links will not only be helpful for customers but also a smart marketing move.

How smart is the campaign?

Volkswagen India has been a brand that has not only invested a lot but has also come up with some great creative social media campaigns. Last year if you remember they had run a Twitter campaign during the launch of the car around the hashtag #anything4jetta. The campaign asked a simple question – what would you do as a fan do to get a Jetta for yourself. Carrying on with the same trend, it has now launched a simple but very effective campaign. Answering the most frequently asked questions by customers in a funny video format is one of the highs of the campaign. The brand has tried to kill some of the pain problems of the customer with this campaign and I think this would be one of the factors for it to be popular.

In addition to this, the way of replying to questions posted by fans on Youtube is cool too. I had done the same by asking a question “Why should I buy Jetta?” and I was wondering where would I get the answer to my question. After a while, I saw a tweet from Volkswagen India answering my question by providing a link of a Youtube video.

Isn’t it a smart move by posting the  answer on the wall of the particular network through which you logged in. Not only do you get a reply but posting on the network gives the campaign added eyeballs. However, it would have been great if a name and pic of the person is attached to the smart questions that are being asked by people. Otherwise if that is not possible the characters in video can say the name of the person or may be if the brand really wants to explore the social thing to the core then it can feature the person in the video too.

[youtube PrwoyKWYmKo 500 300]

Nevertheless, I am pleased to see such a creative campaign that thinks beyond likes and wants to solve customer pain points via social media. Volkswagen India is surely setting newer benchmarks on social media with every campaign.

How do you see this move and if you have any question regarding Jetta TSI then it is the best time to post it.