Volkswagen India Teams With Talenthouse India For #AceTheRace. Crowdsources Photographers Via Facebook

Review of Volkswagen India's Facebook contest for photographers 'Ace The Race', where the winner gets to cover the Scirocco Cup live in Europe


A cool contest awaits photographers who share an interest in motorsports as well. Automaker brand, Volkswagen India has announced ‘Ace the Race’, a photography contest in partnership with creative crowdsourcing platform Talenthouse. The grand prize winner gets an all expense paid trip to cover the Volkswagen Scirocco Cup live in Europe and also gets featured on the Volkswagen 2014 calendar!

One can click anything that captures the essence of Volkswagen. From these the best five will get to cover the Volkswagen-owned Polo R Cup race in Delhi, one of the most professionally managed racing events in the country. This is also part of Ace the Race as these photographers will be required to submit a portfolio of not more than 20 pictures from the Polo R Cup. The grand prize winning entry will be decided from amongst these submissions, to finally ace the race to the Scirocco Cup.

Ace The Race with Volkswagen

The contest hosted on the Talenthouse platform has also been captured on to a Facebook app ‘Ace The Race’ on the Volkswagen India Facebook page. To set you up, the app gives you helpful themes under car, logo, showroom, vintage car or get creative categories whereby one can click a Volkswagen as it is parked or zooming by, or any of the vintage models or perhaps the iconic logo. Basically, the pictures should represent Volkswagen innovatively, for you to Ace the Race.

The participation process and the link is displayed at the bottom. One is not led outside the app at the time of submission; entries can be submitted in the form displayed. One can upload upto 5 photographs each of size 5 MB, and in case you know of someone who is better at photography, the app also has a Facebook Comments plugin through which you can tag that friend, or put in your comments.

Apart from the app, the contest has been promoted on the Facebook page too. Volkswagen India has donned a new cover photo talking about Ace the Race. The wall has regular updates inviting photographers to join in the contest, using the hashtag #AceTheRace. Additionally, the contest is promoted by the  auto brand’s Twitter handle too, though there is no hashtag associated with it.

Interestingly, the Talenthouse India Facebook page also houses the contest Facebook app, thereby making it easy for its 112K strong and talented Facebook community to participate.

How good is it?

Crowdsourcing has its benefits and is here to stay, now that the word has also made its way officially to the Oxford English Dictionary. Crowdsourcing is the future of communication engagement and brands leveraging on this technique of sourcing for new ideas or talent, are going to ace the race. The concept of crowdsourcing for talented photographers is a winner in Volkswagen’s Ace the Race campaign.

Along with serving as a platform for aspiring talent, the contest also makes for a cool branding exercise for Volkswagen. Design and execution as as smooth as all contests hosted by Talenthouse India, along with the relevant incentives for the participants. Partnering with India’s biggest creative crowdsourcing company is also an advantage for Volkswagen, as the auto brand can explore its rich community of photographers, while promoting the racing events owned by it.

In a nutshell, the campaign is making noise in the relevant platforms. What are your thoughts on ‘Ace the Race’?