Volkswagen Instills A Sense Of Pride In Millennials For Its New Made For India Compact Sedan

The automaker has cleverly associated ‘owning an Ameo’ as a matter of pride in its new campaign, that also falls in line with its philosophy: Think Pride. Think New


It’s the age of videos: social networks are favouring videos over other types of content, most online publishers have adopted the video format for telling their stories, and in fact studies have proven that only links with videos are likely to be clicked while text and visuals go unnoticed on the social web sharing economy. Brands have quickly adapted to this consumption behaviour, which is why we see a lot of brands indulging in videos – short ones to catch your attention, long ones to make a lasting impression in your mind, and story-based series that keep you hooked.

A video strategy has been adopted for Volkswagen’s made for India compact sedan, the Ameo, too. Given the highly competitive sedan market in India, Volkswagen India is making all the buzz about its sedan while highlighting its unique features in a series of videos.

Nearly every auto major in the country is trying to capture the sedan market in India, with several new entries this year. Priced competitively between Rs 5.24 lakh to Rs 7.06 lakh, the German automaker’s debutant sedan for India offers features unmatched in the market. The brand’s associating ‘owning an Ameo’ as a matter of pride in its new video-driven campaign, that also falls in line with its philosophy: Think Pride. Think New.

What could have passed us by as just another set of video stories by a big auto brand, has actually weaved a memorable story into each of them. Conceptualized by DDB Mudra and directed by Shakun Batra, the story takes on a father-son theme. As with father-son relationships, these two do not talk to each other, but always manage to communicate their disapproval through the mother!

The son is making some kung-fu moves in his room, as his father walks in through the door. The man tells the mother, ‘Tell your son that he is 27’. The son tells the mother, ‘Tell him that I am 28.’ When the son is getting ready for a meeting dressed in casual clothes, the father conveys his disapproval by telling the mother he should wear a shirt. The son tells his mother that times have changed now.

Quite a few instances like these build up the dynamics in a father-son relationship, where the father believes his son isn’t capable of handling responsibilities. Everything changes the next morning, when the father sees a brand new Ameo bought by the son. The father is filled with pride, and this time talks to him directly, ‘ Won’t you take me for a drive?’

It ends with the duo cruising the roads happily, while the voiceover states the brand tagline, ‘Think Pride, Think New’.

A shorter one highlights the automatic rain sensing wipers, with a gentle touch of humour.

This one for the reverse parking camera is my favourite. Played to perfection by the actors, it captures a slice of life that makes family time a special time, and ends up in naughty stories to be passed on to the next generation.

The launch used a creative blend of offline and online media. Exclusive previews were held with interactive roadshows across 17 cities for the Ameo. Contests invited people to  click a selfie with Ameo using #NamasteAmeo with brand merchandise for grabs. While established auto blogs invited to the Volkswagen plant documented the roll-out of the Ameo, the brand engaged users with interesting contests. One gif-based contest invited  users to pause the gif at the price they guessed the Ameo was selling at.

A Facebook live video featured the Ameo designer, Tilo Klumpp, wherein he answered user questions about the sedan. Finally, the video was revealed for the Ameo with the father and son.

Instilling a sense of pride in millennials

… and their fathers too, because in India dads are the ultimate decision makers in the home, especially when it comes to the family car. Volkswagen has made a memorable impact with its ad films for the Ameo – The brand’s cleverly associated ‘owning an Ameo’ as a matter of pride in its new campaign, that also falls in line with its philosophy: Think Pride. Think New. Sons always want to make their fathers proud, while dads look forward to their sons fitting in their shoes. Bringing an Ameo home is literally like a ‘rite of passage’ for the son.

The engaging contests and Q&A using Facebook Live video tells the brand is going all out to reach its target audience on social media. Ameo seems to be all set to capture the compact sedan market in India.