Vodafone Zoozoos Thank Their 10 Million Fans With A ‘Like’

Vodafone Zoozoos have crossed 10 Million likes on Facebook and have created this adorable app that features short videos of what a 'like' can do to bring positivity

Brands have been celebrating Facebook fan milestones ever since the race to be the top brand on Facebook with the largest number of fans, was conducted unofficially. While a few of them indulged in the true spirit of celebrations, a majority of them set about even more aggressively in their hunt for more fans. The result of all this is what is being seen on Facebook pages this year - brands have garnered nearly 10 million fans and this calls for major celebrations.

The adorable Vodafone Zoozoos - created during the second season of Indian Premier League (IPL) - are out celebrating as their Facebook page has crossed 10 million ‘likes’ this March and fans have been invited to join the celebration too. An animated app has been specially created for this occasion that does not require you to ‘like’ the page; you are already a fan- remember?!



Once you click the blue ‘like’ button, a ‘like’ icon rolls out of the box with two Zoozoos operating the machinery. The ‘like’ icon that is churned out then moves through the intricate machinery to finally fall into a television kind of screen that features short Zoozoo videos. The switch on the screen is operated by another Zoozoo with a blue bow on her head. There are two more switches - to share the 10 million special celebration app with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

The videos depict what positivity a ‘like’ can bring into situations of sorrow, anger, anxiety and hopelessness. The videos then end with all the Zoozoos dancing in the 10 million number formation and a ‘Thank you’ message for the fans. Here is one of the short videos titled ‘Loves me’:

With Tata Docomo being the first brand to reach the 10 million mark on Facebook, Zoozoos will take the second place now. As per Social Bakers Facebook report for February 2013, Zoozoos had more than 8 million local fans and this would only rise with the coming season of IPL.