Vodafone India 121 ‘Made For You’ Campaign Customizes Offers

An article about the Vodafone India 121 ‘Made For You’ Campaign and how it is using social media for this campaign to reach to the youth.


We are all different and our needs are different too. Especially the younger generation of today breathes to make a style statement of its own. Brands have no choice left but to take care of them and Vodafone India is doing the same with its ‘Made For You’ campaign. ((Article Source))

The brand which is the second largest mobile network operator in India after Airtel has launched the 121, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service that enables customers to choose the best offer depending on their requirement. To promote this the brand is doing a 360 degree promotional campaign and has recently launched it’s second TVC.

The TVC focuses on young guys who have different hair cut, styling and colouring requirements when they arrive at a local barber shop. The barber has no choice but to serve them like Vodafone is doing with its 121 customized offers.

Social media angle

Vodafone India, which is one of the popular communities on social media is leveraging the social networks too. The Facebook community that has more than 402K fan following is promoting the TVC and related content about the TVC amongst fans. Not only that fans are also being treated with content from outdoor events.

Twitter, which the brand majorly uses for customer care, has also been used to blend with the ongoing campaign. The Twitter background has the same look of the new TVC to excite and update its 34K followers on the network.

The target group for this service is definitely the youth and the brand has been able to get to them successfully. But the big disappointment was that the brand has not launched any dedicated campaign for Facebook or Twitter. The brand could have asked the boys to share their wacky hairdo or the girls what style they have loved the most. I think this could have given fans a bigger reason  to associate with the brand.

When it is Vodafone you expect more, but you never know the brand may churn out some interesting contest just before the release of the next TVC.