#Selfies4School: Vodafone Foundation Partners With Breakthrough To Keep Girls in School

Vodafone Foundation and NGO Breakthrough have launched #Selfies4School, where for every selfie uploaded for the cause, Vodafone foundation will send 10 girls to school

Breakthrough Vodafone Selfies4School

Now your selfies can help keep girls in school. Breakthrough, a human rights organisation that aims to prevent violence and discrimination against women, in partnership with the Vodafone Foundation has launched #Selfies4School, a campaign that will help keep 25,000 girls in school. For every selfie uploaded, Vodafone foundation will send 10 girls to school.

Apart from girl child education, the campaign is also an attempt to create awareness on early marriages and sensitising an urban audience for whom early marriage of girls might not be a critical issue. With India having the highest number of child brides in the world, education is often the key to delay early marriage. UNICEF report on child marriage in India has found a strong relation between school drop-outs and early marriage.

“Even today, one in two brides in India are married before they are 18. Globally too, three million girls are brides by the age of 15; if they were to stay in school, the number of child brides would reduce by half a million,” informs Sonali Khan, vice president and country director, Breakthrough India.

Executed by Ignitee Digital digital agency, the campaign has a dedicated website that is powered by social logins. You can login via your Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter account, in addition to an email login feature, to join the movement by uploading your selfie. At present, the selfie campaign has managed to keep 20,660 girls in school, a little short from its goal of 25000 girls.

The website also features the change makers on the Selfie Wall, where you can see the selfies of all of who have participated. Once you have uploaded your selfie, you can choose to share it with your social connections using the social sharing buttons provided.

The campaign is also making extensive use of social media to drive users to the website, with active participation from Breakthrough and Vodafone. This is the story of Shilpi uploaded on the YouTube Channel of Breakthrough, where the young girl narrates how being able to attend school has helped her in delaying her marriage and completing her education to help support her family.

On Twitter, the campaign has been creating awareness and conversations alike using the hashtag #Selfies4School. Breakthrough has been conducting tweetathons, where issues like education and early marriage were discussed. The campaign has also found the support of quite a few celebrities who have shared their selfies too.

A simple yet smart selfie campaign

Selfies are the most popular pictures shared on social networks, ever since the advent of the front camera on smartphones. We have witnessed quite a few campaigns cashing in on the popularity and liking for selfies; brands tried various ways to engage their fans via selfies. This selfie campaign by Vodafone Foundation and Breakthrough has tied it up with a cause, and that is to keep girls in school.

The Selfies4School campaign has ensured that it is not only simple to participate in but also fun to share your selfie while spreading awareness on a noble cause.

The selfie wall further encourages users, and along with the conversations being triggered on Twitter, ‘Selfies4School’ has managed to spread awareness amongst the social savvy urban audiences. Hoping you have shared your selfie too.