Vodafone 3G’s #SpeedIsGood Creates Co-Branded Video With YouTube Star ‘Being Indian’

Vodafone 3G has leveraged YouTube channel 'Being Indian' for promoting 'speed is good' with a funny video featuring youngsters describing how speed is good in their lives


Most young people in India are not glued to their television boxes anymore. These young guys and girls prefer the internet for their daily dose of entertainment and information. Add to that, the plethora of mid-segment smartphones, a range of affordable data plans and what you have is a mass mobile consumption behaviour on the rise.

Young people are also not bothered by advertisements. They’d rather skip them and spend their time watching something light or entertaining, preferably on their mobile phone.

It is precisely for these reasons that Vodafone chose YouTube MCN Culture Machine’s ‘Being Indian’ channel to promote its Vodafone 3G ‘Speed is Good’ campaign. Launched during the IPL8 with a series of funny ads that demonstrated how good speedy internet is for your life, the campaign largely leveraged television and only shared the ad films on digital media.

This time the agency Maxus ESP decided to go for a co-branded content on ‘Being Indian’, that already enjoys a large subscriber base of young people (420K+) with its exclusive humorous content focused on Indians.

The 3.40 minute video ‘Mumbai on #SpeedisGood’ features its popular anchor Sahil Khattar talking to the youth in Mumbai about issues related to speed and how important is speed in their lives. It also has them running at different speeds to mock 2G, 3G, 4G and also 5G networks!


The video has garnered over 500K views in 10 days. It establishes a connection between Vodafone 3G and speed, without being intrusive like an advertisement, but having all the traits of a viral video. Great way to reach out to the youth with a marketing message that does not sound like one!

Brands co-creating content for consumption on popular channels has been picking up since 2014. New age media companies specially designed for creating digital video entertainment for the internet generation like Culture Machine, The Viral Fever Media labs, etc. were roped in to create branded content on their platforms. Read: Digital Storytelling 2.0: How Branded Content Is Coming Of Age.

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