Vivo V7 ViewTube - How to increase ad relevance & ensure viewers do not skip your ad

Over 550 individual ads featuring Ranveer Singh were created as YouTube preroll ads post monitoring viewers' content preference and history

Viewer attention is the holy grail in these video-led times. Every social network is striving to make it worth your while. Even 3 seconds is precious spending on an ad to catch millennials on Snapchat. Facebook is always churning out new algorithms to get users to practically live on its platform. YouTube has always been under the radar for its ad impact measurement methods.

There is no clarity whether viewers have been stimulated enough by your ad to bring about brand interest or consideration. Above all, nobody knows if an ad was viewed at all. Advertisers are often at the mercy of their hunch while hundreds of thousands of ad dollars go down the digital drain.

YouTube, however offers a creative solution by way of its TrueView ads. An advertiser can dynamically change the content of their ad depending on the content the user is watching on YouTube. So you get the right message to the right audience, and pay only when you get the relevant view.

In Google’s own words, “With TrueView ads, you don’t pay for random impressions or maybe-they-saw-its. You’re only charged when viewers watch or interact with elements of your video.”

One smartphone brand decided to spend its ad dollars wisely. For the launch of the Vivo V7 model, the global premium smartphone brand and its digital marketing agency WAT Consult chose to go TrueView with its creative campaign ViewTube - a new wave to YouTube’s TrueView ads. It played relevant ads to viewers based on their content preference and history.

The ViewTube campaign commenced by monitoring trends and the most popular categories and channels on YouTube for over 30 days. With Google’s new Director Mix Tool, Vivo created over 550 individual ads featuring Ranveer Singh, the brand ambassador. These ads were dynamically curated based on identified keywords.

For instance, a user searching for any movie trailer was served an ad showing Ranveer Singh in a casual atmosphere with a tub of popcorn in hand, talking about how the trailer needs to be watched on a V7 Full View Display. If a user searched for a song, they were served with an ad that suggested that the song was best heard on V7 Hi-Fi music.

This contextual streaming of ads brought in high amount of relevance that ensured viewers did not skip these ads – giving relevant visibility to Vivo V7.

When Campbell’s Soup sought to make soup a relevant food in this age, it launched SoupTube. For the YouTube campaign, 1700 pre-roll ads were created for specific kinds of videos that were searched. The brand claims to have increased average view rate to 92% with healthy lifts in brand awareness, recall and above all sales.

When Netflix acquired the rights to stream all 10 seasons of Friends, it looked for a way to make the iconic 90’s show relevant to YouTube users today. It teamed up with Ogilvy Paris to come up with a clever campaign “The Friendly Preroll Campaign” that made use of responsive YouTube pre-roll ads. The campaign took a user’s search terms and dug up particular scenes from the show that were somehow related.

Relevant views

Digital advertising, more so video ads continue to grow in scale, despite concerns surrounding viewability. One of the main issues around digital advertising last year, social networking giants like Facebook and YouTube had to address was ‘Viewability.’ Dentsu Aegis Network’s annual digital report has particularly emphasized that the concern around ‘viewability will have advertisers gradually opt to choose OTT players promising higher engagement and ROI.

For advertisers looking for creative solutions, Trueview campaigns like Viewtube are a win-win. Amplified between 23rd to 31st December, the Vivo V7 ViewTube campaign garnered more than 60 million views, 80% completion rate, 7.2% lift in Consideration, 8.5% lift in Purchase Intent, 11.6% lift in Brand Interest and 24.1% lift in Product Interest.

If serving customized preroll ads based on a user’s search terms versus one blanket preroll ad can increase the view rate, you can rest ensured that your ad dollars have been spent wisely, not to mention the lift in brand recall, consideration and purchase intent.