Visual Content Trends For 2016 As Predicted By Creative Heads

Creative and Chief Creative Heads of the country predict 2016 to be another year that could see more innovation in visual content space with video at its core


2015 has seen a rapid upsurge in compelling visual content. Largely driven by video content being permitted on FB, Twitter and Instagram the creative boundaries have been pushed further. “Every day we see new innovations to make the brands stand apart from the competition,” says Anita Rajagopalan, Creative Director, BC Web Wise.

In the last few years, brands have been quick to embrace video as a medium of digital storytelling. Digital storytelling was one of the biggest buzz words in 2015 and several brands created compelling and engaging stories. In India too brands created TV commercials with one eye on trending on social media. Good examples would be Tata Sky Daily Recharge Daily Romance, Nescafe Stammer, Fortune Mother Exchange that broke the traditional mould of TV commercials and built a great fan following online.

Content like infographics and data visualisation have become alternatives to data-rich text.  These days memes are everywhere. “As trending hashtags like #BreakTheInternet sensationalized the web, memes have become Internet’s latest obsession,” Behzad Gazder, Creative Director, LIQVD Asia highlighted.

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But what can we expect in 2016? Will we still see the continuous spree of new innovations to make the brands stand apart from the competition? Lighthouse Insights spoke to the Creative Directors, Senior Creative Directors and Chief Creative Officers of the industry for answers. And here is what they have to say:

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Prashant Kohli, The Glitch

New formats being added to branded videos (Gifs, Cinemagraphs, etc.) Once again we have moved fast in this and created a series of these for Center Fresh “Chali Hawa Mastani” campaign.

What will also be interesting to watch which brands shift focus to a sustained long term video strategy much like Volvo.

Definitely more innovations specific to platforms. Twitter is yet to up its game as far as videos are concerned. Instagram is definitely going to push boundaries. Two platforms that Indian brands haven’t tapped into extremely well: Snapchat and Pinterest. Both of them have some really cool stuff they’re doing with videos - Snapchat stories and Cinematic Pins on Pinterest. It’ll be interesting to watch these two evolve in India.

Abhishake Das, ibs

Going forward in 2016, I think this trend will continue, and spill on to the other social platforms the brands like to use, like Instagram etc. And frankly, it can be a very nice challenge to the creative minds in the industry to crack the 5-second formula for YouTube.

Anita Rajagopalan, BC Web Wise

In 2016 we can expect more interactive content and there will be integration with newer technologies for more engaging experiences.

Behzad Gazder, LIQVD Asia

In 2016 we hope to see more brands breaking away from the traditional stock/composed imagery and utilizing user generated content to organically promote.

Kv Sridhar, SapientNitro

I expect to see more simplistic approach to design and the templates of infographics and shutter shock images will give way to more original visual content and I also see sound design playing a greater role.

In our country design has never been valued and the talented visual designer always stayed away from the web design, I expect return of design and craft becoming a premium and  client will see the value of experience design and contextual design.

George Kovoor, OgilvyOne Worldwide

I think Video will continue to dominate in 2016. The trend will be further fueled with Facebook now playing videos directly. Mobile content will continue to grow and mobile video content will certainly be a medium that will be explored.

Vines and Instagram videos will become more popular. I also think customised video content combining data and video will be an interesting format- serving video tailored to your likes especially on Facebook might be a new trend.

Interesting times ahead, a 4G internet connection on your mobile device is certainly a good investment especially if you are a video junkie like me.

Carlton D’Silva, Hungama Digital Services

I like the fact that Indians are becoming creators of content on an individual level. This broadens the possibility of what a brand can do online if provided with the proper tools. I see brands looking at creating content too that is ‘made for the Internet’ and not an extension of TVCs.

A few of them have already begun investing in this form of visual content, like Mahindra’s Rocky series, but expect a lot more that combines user and brand content. We will see a rise in platforms to enable content creation like Dubsmash and JibJab in 2016 that will make every individual a potential content creator.

Ashwin Dutt, Tonic Media

Last year the amount of video from people and brands in Facebook’s News feed increased.

Instagram saw a rise in Indian users. It has opened its platform to businesses around the world and rolled out its suite of advertising solution and Indian brands like Nestlé KitKat and beverage start-up Paper Boat have experienced great engagement numbers.

Internet video to TV is predicted to increase 4x in the next 2 years opening opportunities for VOD (Video-On-Demand) and mobile entertainment platforms (like Hotstar).

The unveiling of Oculus Rift will introduce a new level of interactivity and engagement. This will change the way marketing strategists are thinking in regards to interactive content and customer engagement.

360 videos will change the way we view content.

Storytelling will be key and brands who have strayed away from the same will find themselves racing to catch up. But the winners would be brands that concentrate on “context” more than content. Brands need to realize that people ignore content that ignores people.