@Visit_Karnataka, Why Have a Protected Twitter Account?

An article asking @Visit_Karnataka as a brand Why they are having a Protected Twitter Account

As a Founder and blogger, one of my mundane jobs involves scouting for good content for Lighthouse Insights. A beautiful ad by Karnataka Tourism on Youtube made me click on it yesterday while I was consuming some videos on Youtube. The ad on Youtube was tempting and on click it landed me to it’s website. I was really excited and at once, I made up my mind that this is a story that needs to be highlighted for two reasons:

  • A Government organization was ready to reach out to its fans.
  • And was also ready to be social.

The above two points made me scout for its social media presence and I was happy to see two clearly evident icons of Youtube and Twitter. It was good to see the prominent display of social media presence which most of the brands fail to highlight. I have always asked people if you are on social media then why are you shying away from showing it!

However, I was surprised as well as happy to see the social media icons of Youtube and Twitter. Happy since the brand had used a great social media network Youtube to spread the beauty and wealth of Karnataka to fans. Videos really make a big difference but I was surprised to see a Twitter presence. I was expecting to see a Facebook presence as it is the biggest social network in India;  presently we rank second in the world in number of users. However since I have a personal weakness towards 140 characters, I was wondering that probably Karnataka Tourism would have thought of some effectual Twitter strategies. Of late we have seen Indian brands cash in on Twitter in splendid ways.

Alas! My high hopes dashed on the floor as I clicked on the Twitter account of Karnataka Tourism. The Twitter account @Visit_Karnataka is a protected account. If you are not aware what is a protected account then do check this help provided by Twitter. In short,  people would have to take permission from the account holder in case he/she wishes to follow you among other things. Yes before you say those words “WTF” hold on and check out the screenshot, which I took today while I was writing the post at 4:38 P.M.

Karnataka tourism

Having been on Twitter for more than two years, I have seen lot of personal Twitter accounts being protected by users. I sometimes don’t understand why are you then on Twitter but a brand protecting its Twitter account is something of a new discovery to me; perhaps I should patent it! I have no words like most of you right now. Anyways, if @Visit_Karnataka is listening, which I doubt they will as I am not following their protected account, I have a couple of questions for them:

  • Why are you on Twitter?
  • Why have you protected your Twitter account when Twitter is all about listening and engaging in effective conversations?

Last year, when I had met Saurabh Sengupta from Zomato for an interview, he shared a great thought:

[pullquote id=”lhipull” class=”center_lhi”]if you as a brand are not ready for brickbats on social media then stay away from it.[/pullquote]

I consider this to be a face palm situation for the brand who has jumped onto social media before doing any homework. If they have hired a social media agency then Sir please get a better one at once.  Last year I had reviewed the social media presence of another state tourism board, Chhattisgarh Tourism and believe me it was far better than compared to Karnataka Tourism. I am not sure what social media engagement Karnataka Tourism is trying to drive but if you have any clue then do share in the comments section and I am happy to listen and learn!