Visit Japan Engages With Indians On Facebook

by Prasant Naidu on November 16, 2021

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The Japanese National Tourism Board has strategized a 360 degree marketing plan to bolster tourism from India. According to sources, every year the country witnesses 300,000 Indian tourists and to keep that flow growing Japan is not leaving any marketing stone unturned.

The strategy is to attract more and more high-end Indian families and to do so the organization has also roped in Bollywood actor, Dia Mirza to promote the country. In addition to this, JNTO is banking on social media platforms predominantly Facebook, to create buzz and to increase the awareness level of the beautiful country.

Facebook presence of Visit Japan

1. Interesting Content: With a fan following of more than 7K fans for a year old Facebook page, it is doing a great job. The content that has been the major highlight is quite informative and not at all boring. Above all, it is not repetitive and has some interesting updates that could be really useful for someone who wishes to tour the beautiful country.

Along with posting original content, the page is curating content but then it is pretty much focused on why it is on Facebook. The page admin has taken the efforts to clear doubts as and when required.

2. Use of interesting apps: The page has built a very interesting app – Indian Restaurant List. The Facebook app is an interactive app that pops up a list of Indian restaurants in Japan and all the details at your finger tips. So, if you are not very comfortable to try the Japanese cuisine then you have a very simple way of finding a restaurant from within the network itself.


So just log in to the app, select the area you want to find a restaurant on the map and the app gives you the list of the restaurants with all the required details that you would wish to have before landing at the restaurant.

Ending Thoughts

Attracting tourists via new ways are the traits of the business but how well it is being done also matters. Choosing a platform like Facebook and engaging so efficiently is really a commendable job. Moreover, I am pretty excited to follow the page since it is not boring and does not feel ‘spammy’ at all.

We had recently reviewed how Tourism Victoria is engaging with Indians on Facebook to visit Melbourne. Now with Japan joining in the list, the tourism industry gets even more exciting. As a traveller I am really happy to have a good source of information pouring in a fun way and that could easily buy me.

Closer home, India which has been struggling with Incredible India in the past, seems to be getting it’s act right with India Is but then the efforts have to be more on mediums like Facebook , Twitter, etc.

I am impressed by the simple ways with which the Visit Japan Facebook page is engaging. How about you? What more can they do to make it better?

Prasant Naidu

Founder and Blogger at Lighthouse Insights. Loves to experiment in social media and believes social media is a game changer for SME's.

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