Vishwaroopam Creates Buzz On Social Media

About the latest movie Kamal Hassan movie Vishwaroopam and it's social media campaign review.


One of the trends that would see a lot of traction in 2013 is the love of Bollywood for social media. It won’t be only Bollywood but other regional movie industries around the country would be jumping into the bandwagon. The trend has already seen some amazing acceptance with the upcoming Tamil-Hindi bilingual Indian spy thriller Vishwaroopam.

The film is written, directed and co-produced by the very talented Kamal Haasan that features himself in the lead role. The movie that is being considered as a cult, has been shot in both Tamil and Hindi in both the languages at the same time. The Hindi movie is titled as Vishwaroop and is all set to be on your TV set on the 10th of January or at your nearest cinema on the 11th of January. ((Source))

Vishwaroop’s Social Media Campaign

Over the years Kamal Haasan has been known to make movies that are ahead of time and technologically advanced. So when Vishwaroop was launched, he himself took the initiative to launch the movie on social media via a small YouTube video.

The movie created an all-round presence on most of the popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Vishwaroop Facebook Presence: The official Facebook page has achieved a fan following of more than 21K (at the time of writing this post) and has more than 3K people talking about it. The page is a perfect build up for the movie that is going to be launched in the coming 4 days and the cover page boldly highlights it.

Vishwaroopam Facebook

The page is not only creating the required buzz by constantly updating fans about the d-day but also updating the fans about the movie. Content seems to be perfectly chalked out for the page and fans are loving it too. The page is a mixture of updates about the movie and the experiences of the crew members in the form of videos to engage with fans.

Additionally, the page has created two major Facebook apps. One of them showcases the trailer of the movie and the other one is running a simple contest for fans, though it is not exclusive. The contest which is a no-brainer one, wants you to watch a video and answer a question in the comments section. Lucky fans get a chance to win exclusive Vishwaroop prizes.

Vishwaroop Twitter and YouTube Presence: The movie has created a presence on Twitter and the official Twitter handle is @vishwaroopfilm. The Twitter handle over the time has procured a fan following of more than 1K followers. Tweets are either the copy of the Facebook updates or occasional retweets from influencers. This clearly points to why fans haven’t shown great enthusiasm for the Twitter page.

For YouTube, the movie is promoting itself under the brand channel of RaajKamalFilms. The brand channel that was launched in April, 2012 has got more than 1K subscribers and has managed to achieve more than 876K views in total. The YouTube presence looks exciting as the brand channel has uploaded more than 32 videos and has been appreciated by viewers. The content being shared is exclusive trailers and interviews by the crew and cast. The channel has also taken the pains to upload some exclusive content such as behind the shoot footage and messages to fans by the leading cast.

Ending Thoughts

Promoting a movie on social media can be done really well if enough time has been invested on the drawing boards. Last year we saw how GOW did an awesome movie promotion and later on we saw the regional movie Kevi Rite Jaish do good work too. In comparison to that, Vishwaroop has a decent Facebook and YouTube strategy but Twitter disappoints. The social media team could have used Twitter in a much better way and that could have helped the movie to create more buzz.

Nevertheless, with 4 days to go, the movie has created enough buzz online as well as offline. The movie, that has been surrounded in controversy from day one, is still finding a stiff opposition from theater committees since the movie plans to hit the DTH a day before it hits the theaters. Kamal Haasan thinks it is the way forward and who knows – in the coming years his next movie is released a day before on YouTube before it hits the silver screen. I think the future is definitely in the said direction.