Visa India Joins Social Media Via YouTube

by Prasant Naidu on September 17, 2021


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“More people go with Visa” since it is fulfilling dreams of the common man in India. The American multinational financial services corporation, Visa Inc. is portraying this sentiment via its new TVC. Additionally, to reach out to a wider spectrum of audience, Visa India has finally jumped on to the social media bandwagon via YouTube.

Visa India YouTube presence

The company has launched itself on YouTube last week. The YouTube brand page has the new TVC and along with that it has few more similar videos in different regional languages of India. The brand page, in this short period of time, has already achieved more than 85 subscribers and has got more than 380 views.

visa india youtube

Additionally, the company has invested on YouTube ads to create a buzz about its presence. The ad has the new TVC embedded and on click it lands on the YouTube brand page. The video depicts the story of a common man of how he wished that his village needs to have a smile during nights too. Visa Debit helped his dream by getting him the required products needed to create electricity generated via a cycle. The video has already got more than 310 views after its launch. However, the video is yet to see some response from the users.

Ending thoughts

Brands jumping onto the YouTube brigade seem to be the growing trend and at the same time innovation is also happening. Visa India doing the same is no surprise. Considering the growing Indian hunger for online video worldwide, the move is definitely a well thought out one. However, innovation is missing since the video is a TVC and nothing exclusive has been performed by the network. Seems the brand is a bit lazy or too cautious to do something in the initial days. So it would be rather unfair to compare the new kid on the street.

Indian brands have started investing on YouTube and the latest campaign from Barfi movie and previously Volkswagen’s attempt to use YouTube to highlight safe driving, were the creative ones. The coming months will definitely see some more innovation happening in this space. A trend that would be explored more by the year end, what do you think?

Prasant Naidu

Founder and Blogger at Lighthouse Insights. Loves to experiment in social media and believes social media is a game changer for SME's.

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    I love this ad. Very Inspiring… :)

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